5 NBA Players Who Went From Poverty To Power!

5 NBA Players Who Went From Poverty To Power!

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history there has been a common misconception that a majority of NBA
players had a rough childhood many fans tend to believe that they all
came from nothing the good old rags to riches story however that is simply not
true as a matter of fact most NBA players actually grew up in a fairly
financially stable environment so when you hear about a player that spent most
of his childhood struggling with gangs violence drugs poverty and much more
just know that it does not apply to a majority of the league however this is
not to say that there are any players out there who have struggled to get to
where they are today there are a good handful of athletes that practically
came from nothing and when I say nothing I literally mean nothing some of these
players came from difficult family backgrounds threatening neighborhoods or
just simply a difficult lifestyle of poverty luckily for them they can put
all that behind considering the fact that they now play for the NBA the
average NBA player salary this year is around 4.6 million dollars this means
that even the seventh or eighth guy on the roster is doing extremely well for
himself so for these players money is not an
issue anymore in fact it can actually be argued that they are now in a position
of dominance and power they now have the means that they worked so hard for in
the past that’s what makes the classic rags to riches story so influential it
shows us that with hard work and dedication anything is possible with all
that being said today we will be taking a glimpse at NBA players who went from
poverty to power welcome to NBA Insider before we begin I would like to give a
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Anthony wasn’t exactly the easiest Carmelo was born on May 29th 1984 in the
Red Hook projects of Brooklyn New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s Red
Hook was considered one of the worst neighborhoods in the country due to its
crack epidemic when he was just two years old mellows father passed away
from liver failure due to cancer leaving him and his mother to struggle for a few
years as a child Carmelo also struggled with asthma
attacks up until his teenage years when he was just eight years old Anthony and
his remaining family including his mother moved to a rough neighborhood in
the inner city of Baltimore it was there that he became exposed to violence
prostitution and drugs although the environment around him was pretty tough
Mary Anthony’s mother kept Carmelo on a short
leash she made sure that Carmelo was always focused on his education although
Anthony began playing basketball at a young age it wasn’t until he was cut
from his high school team as a freshman that he started to seriously focus on
his game by his sophomore season Anthony had grown 5 additional inches and
brought to the court a level of talent that made him a local star college
coaches from around the country took notice of his talents and by his junior
year Anthony had committed to play for Syracuse University but in order to meet
the school’s academic requirements Anthony transferred to Oak Hill Academy
where he eventually raised his test scores in his game while becoming the
highest ranked high school player in the unlike other top high school players
like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Anthony felt he wasn’t ready to skip
college and jump straight to the NBA instead he kept his commitment to
Syracuse and entered the school as a freshman in the fall of 2002 at Syracuse
University he quickly adapted himself to the college game and led the team to its
first ever NCAA Tournament title in 2003 his impressive college performance sent
him to declare in the 2003 NBA Draft where he went third overall to the
Denver Nuggets and became an overall productive scorer with a professional
basketball career that has spanned a little over 13 years Carmelo Anthony has
developed his on-court skills while growing his net worth as well since then
he has become a superstar and is getting paid like one too
he is currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder alongside Russell Westbrook
and Paul George where he is making roughly twenty four point five million
dollars of season he also earns between eight to ten million dollars each year
through various endorsements as a matter of fact according to
celebritynetworth.com as of May of 2017 Anthony’s net worth is estimated to be
roughly ninety million dollars Carmelo has single-handedly taken his rough
childhood and turned it into his motivation to be greater than he was the
day before he literally turned nothing into something a great accomplishment
indeed on September 15 2017 NBA player Mirza teletovic celebrated his birthday
although turning thirty-two years old is enough reason to celebrate Mirza
teletovic has an even greater reason to due to the fact that many of us live in
countries that are not at war we are not able to grasp or understand the feeling
of living in a country that is at war Mirza teletovic understands that feeling
he grew up in Bosnia during the Bosnian war of the 1990s when he was just seven
years old Yugoslavia a fifty-year-old country split into roughly half a dozen
new ones causing a violent war that lasted from 1992 up until 1995 the
outcome of that war was extremely horrendous the death toll reached nearly
200,000 victims and was a combination of both soldiers and civilians at one point
it became so disturbing that Mirza’s parents would often come home to inform
the family of the death of another family member or a friend as if it was
something normal for Mirza losing people close to him was fairly common as if
that wasn’t bad enough aside from the grenades and bullets that would shower
down on the city daily food was hard to come by making survival
harder each and every day however a Mirza managed to survive and began
playing sports to escape from the harsh realities of his life
basketball specifically was an extremely interesting sport for him he would play
for hours and hours stopping only when he was too exhausted to play or when the
emergency siren signaled another attack was about to strike despite knowing the
dangers of his environment he would still go out each and every day to brush
up on his skills literally willing to risk his life for the sport when he was
15 years old he would sign his first professional basketball contract
teletovic however was clearly too good for the competition averaging nearly 30
points per game he then decided to play in Belgium where he took his talents to
the Spanish league in 2007 following a successful career in the Spanish league
Mirza declared for the NBA Draft but would unfortunately go undrafted despite
this he decided to concentrate even more on improving his game the fruits of his
labor would eventually pay off as he would end up getting drafted by the
Brooklyn Nets in July of 2012 today Mirza teletovic is playing as a power
forward for the Milwaukee Bucks on a three-year 31 million dollar deal this
is especially amazing considering the fact that he literally came from nothing
very few NBA players have a story like that of Minnesota Timberwolves small
forward Jimmy Butler born on September 14 1989 Butler grew up in Tom Bell Texas
a small town approximately 40 miles from Houston with a population of less than
10,000 people as a baby his father abandoned the family leaving him and his
mother behind as if that wasn’t bad enough when he was just 13 years old his
own mother kicked him out of the house by simply telling him I don’t like the
look of you you gotta go with no place to stay and no money in his pockets
Butler was forced to find shelter where he could he ended up staying with a
couple of close friends but bounced around from house to house while playing
basketball to escape the pain and suffering that was boiling up inside of
him luckily for him his life completely changed when he met Jordan Leslie in
high school and the two instantly became friends after hearing his story Jordan’s
family eventually took Jimmy in and made him a part of their family grateful for
the opportunity Jimmy immediately took advantage of a situation and began
working on his game when he didn’t receive attention from any major
colleges he enrolled at Tyler Junior College where he flourished and
eventually earned an offer from Marquette
the rest as the saying goes is history Butler is now one of the best players in
the NBA he is currently making roughly seventeen point five million dollars the
season as a shooting guard and small forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves
for someone who started off his life as a homeless teenager
Jimmy Butler has fought extremely hard to get to where he is today and deserves
everything that is coming his way 24-year old Memphis Grizzlies shooting
guard Ben McLemore is another great example of an individual who came from
nothing for those of you who do not know about his journey to the NBA let me
assure you it was not simple by any means Ben McLemore was born on February
11th 1993 growing up in the poverty-stricken town of walleston
Missouri Ben was raised by a single mother who would often work late nights
to put food on the table his family lived in a 600 square foot apartment
that was shared with as many as ten other family members night after night
as if that wasn’t bad enough the only bed in the house had three legs with the
other corner supported by a pile of books the family relied on candles when
the electricity was turned off and they turned on the stove and a kerosene
heater to stay warm in the winter but in their eyes this was home for Ben and his
family money and food were not easy to come by sometimes he would go almost two
days without food in fact going to school was the only time McLemore had a
chance to eat free food and when his high school was shut down he was left to
starve it became so bad that he was willing to make a living by any means
unfortunately for him his younger brother had that same mentality which
led to him being sentenced to prison for 15 years for a robbery leaving Ben and
his mother to struggle even more than before with all the struggles that he
was facing throughout his life then grew up focusing on finding ways to e
and make some money instead of worrying about sports but somewhere along the way
he learned basketball and perfected his game although he would sometimes be
starving he would still go out and work on his game in his mind he knew he had
to do it to help out his family luckily for him it ended up paying off with his
basketball gifts and the support of his coaches Ben made it to Oak Hill Academy
followed by Kansas University where he became an NC double-a icon in the 2013
NCAA tournament McLemore was so popular on the college courts that his Jersey
sold millions each day edita is the company that sponsored Kansas University
would receive a fat paycheck from sales profits of McLemore Jersey
however due to player regulations the n-c-double-a did not pay
any of that money to McLemore allowing all the profits to be acquired by adidas
and the university because of this his family continued to live in hardship
going to the NBA Draft as soon as possible was the only way out from a
club or and so he did the craziest part about all of this was the fact that even
as he was heading into the 2013 NBA Draft there were up to 15 family members
including nephews and nieces that were still living in his 600 square foot home
luckily for him he was selected by the Sacramento Kings in the first round in
the 2013 NBA Draft the Sacramento Kings select Ben McLemore from the University
of Kansas he is currently signed to the Memphis Grizzlies on a two-year ten
point six million dollar deal including ten point six guaranteed and an annual
average salary of 5.3 million from going to his high school in search of his
daily meals to now being guaranteed millions of dollars Ben McLemore story
is definitely a great example of a player who went from a state of poverty
to status of power it wouldn’t be right of me if I had just ended this list
without mentioning one of the ultimate rags to riches story the kid from Akron
who later on became known to many as LeBron James is one of the most powerful
athletes in the world so powerful in fact that his nickname is literally King
James and although most fans know about the story of his rise to power it is
nevertheless an impressive one LeBron Ramon James was born on December 30th
1984 in Akron Ohio the identity of his father was and still is a mystery to him
considering that he was not in his life in fact to this day no one truly knows
who his real father is due to this LeBron’s mother gloria james who was
only 16 years old when she had him struggled to raise him alone Gloria had
her own struggles as well after her mother passed away when LeBron was still
a baby on top of that her lack of a steady job
and income meant that she and her son had to move from one project to another
in Akron’s rougher neighborhoods while living on welfare they found themselves
constantly moving between apartments and never being able to settle down in fact
between the ages of 5 & 8 LeBron had moved a total of 12 times by fourth
grade James had already spent two-thirds of his life essentially without a home
because of this he would miss nearly a hundred days of
cool but there was a good reason behind all of this despite the fact that the
main reason for the constant moving was so that his mother could search for work
it was all social that she could protect LeBron from the streets of Akron which
was and still is dominated by drugs gangs and violence Gloria started taking
whatever job she could find to help pay the bills and put food on the table
however it just wasn’t enough in the summer of 1993 things got so bad to the
point where LeBrons mother sent him to live with the family of a coach hoping
to give him a more stable life Gloria herself ended up joining James and the
two moved in with the football instructor when he was 9 years old
LeBron James eventually turned to sports as an outlet for everything boiling up
inside of him and it allowed for him to escape the pain and suffering that he
felt as a child at first that sport was football despite the fact that he
dominated as a receiver he would later on switch to basketball it made sense
considering the fact that his mom gave him a mini hoop and basketball when he
was a baby and he would amuse himself for hours each day from an early age
LeBron showed tremendous instincts for basketball by eighth grade James had
developed into an outstanding athlete in addition to his natural speed quickness
and strength he grew to 6 feet and could play all five positions on top of this
he was ambidextrous which meant that he could play with either hand it didn’t
take long for LeBron to gain recognition in 1999 he was recruited by st. Vincent
st. Marie High School to pay for the Fighting Irish he was immediately
regarded as a top recruit and varsity star after dominating the high school
scene James decided to skip college and enter the 2003 NBA Draft his home team
the Cleveland Cavaliers ended up signing the powerful young forward as a first
pick and he proved to be a valuable addition to the struggling franchise
since then LeBron James has continued to wreak havoc in the NBA and is widely
considered to be the best if not one of the best NBA players of all time
today LeBron James has earned a ridiculous amount of wealth and fame
this season alone he is scheduled to make thirty 3.2 million dollars he also
signed a 1 billion dollar lifetime deal with Nike cashed out on a 30 million
dollar deal and beats by dre and his equity in blaze pizza is at 35 million
dollars from a less than 1 million dollar investment it’s only a matter of
time before he becomes a billionaire to top it off he has been ranked as one of
America’s most influential and popular athletes has
been featured in books documentaries television commercials and much more
once a young kid from the streets of Akron Ohio with no future now a
three-time NBA champion and professional basketball player who has earned
millions it’s safe to say that the day LeBron James retired he will especially
be able to reminisce the old days of his childhood and ultimately have the
satisfying thought that he has finally made it if you guys enjoyed this video
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