5 Most Popular Sports in China

5 Most Popular Sports in China

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hi welcome to chineseclass101.com my name is rhea today we are going to talk
about a 5 most popular sports in china rancho basketball LAN cha soojeong :
Susie wanna Tita in don’t Sancho she John :
so I see Wanda Tita in tow basketball the most popular sport in China I
remember in my high school bus come pop Euler because of the Japanese cartoon
slam-dunk the cat who slam-dunk was very popular and because of that cartoon
Baskerville becomes so popular as a time Soochow sucker su means foot Cho means
thaw the jungle see I drew Hotel hadoo Thai jungle see I do children had too
many people loved soccer in China as you may know Chinese national team are not
so good at soccer so we’re good at so many sports but not
soccer it’s kind of mystery in China we don’t
know why yeah if you know why please comment let me know I wonder why
Chinese are not good at soccer but could have many sports instead
ping-pong show table tennis team bound shows jungle the quartz show ping-pong
show should junk water what show table tennis is the national
sport of China so it might hide hurt my parents wanna try me into a tomboy so
they sent me to the kind of professional table tennis school and I went there
every day after class have one hour table tennis training I didn’t like it
at 4 but when you became good at it and you
have so many friends so who play with you it’s kind of fun
now I kind of miss it I haven’t played for a long time so when I was a kid I’m
doing this movement maybe 1,000 time one class like repeatedly like this I
remember I have to stop pants here my left eyebrow here here Tara period doing
it and here you response to the bar from your competitor very quick without any
consideration yes so it becomes an automatic response yeah when you have
balls come from your competitor Pizza gymnastics woman trendy Aussie one can’t
tease he’ll be that woman Cinzia though she one can he’s healthy
fat all of my family members like to watch gymnastics so in this sentence
there is a Chinese kanji overt dances dough dough woman tree and a dose of
Wonka though one a subject is plural like we are they all my family or my
class like something or are doing something we add a dope for example all
of my family members so like gymnastics so in Chinese we add adult one the
subject is plural we don’t have this for I like I like gymnastics that’s okay we
don’t like gymnastics so to emphasize everybody shares the same the common
preferences for gymnastics you macho badminton
whether you macho side hands in that alleyway the you macho side hands inside
the badminton matches of the only bigger games were very exciting thank you for
watching today’s Chinese top words don’t forget to like our video subscribe to
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13 thoughts on “5 Most Popular Sports in China

  1. Rui is my favourite teacher on the channel! So pleasant to listen to you) Thank you for lessons! 榭榭❤

  2. Perfect, I love the tennis and the bádminton,Is great that un China a version of this sport Is principal

  3. Chinese people are too thrifty to pay a hefty bribe to FIFA. Consequently, China sucks at soccer/European football.

  4. China not very good in team sports generally. They are bad in field hockey, volleyball, handball, football, water polo and basketball .

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