49ers Improved Offense – San Fran 2012 Preview (C2K)

49ers Improved Offense – San Fran 2012 Preview (C2K)

company take up coverage is continuing
ever heading out to san francisco california with their branch of the san
francisco chronicle the forty niners won thirteen and three
last year they lost in the n_f_c_ championship game to the superbowl champion new york
giants a lot of names on this offense that came
became onto the team in the off season one of them in particular you wrote
about today in your piece uh… the michael james was certainly had a very unique road not been the best
ways but it certainly changed hand and made him the man he is
today and let me ask you this though how is it looked in camera to partner i
guess you could say policy with the new camp and how exactly will harbaugh used him
in office with little carpentry oakley graduate
coordinator holy crap you wish into he looked a lot of their opiate in medicare
okie when trinket begin hubert even behind
uh… i think that the other working an iso into what was really limits incapable of
a restaurant really care um… there wasn’t on the end of the
preseason um… whether the final preseason game won’t
come without a but a look at him cup catching the ball court and space um… enabled it makes a move uh… you
know that people will flowed from it wasn’t for
quite a bit you know how you get tuesday we don’t really know how how we could
have do you think you directly umar would match if i just had to get to
darken special packages for him election but the guy is a close to the
north uh… truly you want to get him maybe
five sexual attraction to the game of the rookie in seem a bit he could take one of those you thirty forty year old whatever eric
the backfield is incredibly proud and from a fantasy football perspective i i
would simply say stay away from all these guys that as a team is a great
problem that have now frank or is the on december one two
million second-year player cannot honorable need donald oklahoma state correct me if
i’m wrong uh… europe is correct tess uh… brandon jacobs and obviously
the michael james so i mean how are they going to distribute the wealth of months
is that the c_ brandon jacobs getting the goal line carries i_q_ electric you know i think they’re
he really wanted to a lot for a court workload aurora co comfort sober in
january speech he’s brush he won’t with light water puddle up to
the local up at the lapd yet ankle in the entry and you get this what anti-hero are extracurricular gained
right it so i wish i could commit to that i i
think that guy who pruitt cutting include lakota little cargo potter workbooks uh… remarkably good really good
pre-treatment but people stronger artwork seven product are remain village
systems but if you look at coming in tokyo japan like michael came to talk
about how we can run between applicant o’connell really can t he hadn’t proven
it but i think um… butter high court goes
down but they cannot on her computer an
effective that weekend back introvert than improper so adept at making that they cannot
print jacobs will be kind of uh… actually dollars patchwork uh… uh… record back issues hole in the offense last year
from an outside its perspective and even an insider’s perspective was the wide
receiver planitnow you were incredibly thing is what it
seem like with brett swain you know they have michael
crabtree which is fine with me a breath slain kyle williams joe hastings among
few others and now this is a totally revamped offense with the likes of randy
moss mario manning and they celebrate davis a tight and along with the laney
walker but they also added a d_j_ kim’s my guy out of the university of illinois
on the chicago kid so i love ’em and mario manning can i mean this is a team
that has told would bolster the wide receiver place so what exactly
should be expectations be for adding this many weapons on their
office print execute filippo last year when you’re emerged with a
name you know when proclaimed pertinent
literature feature game that’s really trip saba tree you’re probably collect
therapy which will effectively uh… new territory for or locked down there uh… to is and the great unknown industry in the
most interesting thing which will panic by their and we weather you know where israeli lock you who he looks he should flashes of uh… you know throughout the spring in
training camp uh… you created marker who knows you know that remain to be kidding when
the gain scout what he’s going to be like um… sentence he’s going to be uh… good will he be greater i’m not sure if he
has the venom mail thirty-five absolutely critical that it could be a
wallop and then if you think any still attractive safety you know air let me know open you’ve got
butler yallop twenty nine ten rasam rushing twenty six and passing last year was the offense but they still made it to the n_f_c_ championship game
incredible uh… the defense plus twenty eight on
takeaways they play that base three four defense with the likes of the world
bowman patrick willis you know justin smith alden smith
isaac’s up along the line of the players on that defense let me ask you this colleagues act weekend this defense sort
of uh… you know they were good last
season colleagues actually have the improved and how could meet you didn’t
get that much better this year what the coop repute lately haven’t a
clue i think what lawyers uh… detective centrist and uh… which
wanted to get the regular season and the way that benefit but are you know pete marion loop creepy
interest pick park secondary uh… and neighboring that went down the hall uh… but you know a good thing you know establish our tobacco mobsters
defense about particular gold uh… justin uh… repeat thirty-two
effective it where last year uh… you know what what when over the
past input contact with you julia gopalan alton that uh… restricted could last year and i think
that he played everything out you know our on paper first took every really really that i i
i think that that the secondary data fuel will go out here uh… and you know that they work looked at that time uh… the department coach parks uh… buchanan applicable noble will
quarterback it looks very tall order cookbook by and back into the secular pratt again on paper that they were cut
standard equipment also sympathy season when backup uh… ahmad right and almond with outside linebacker for
the great then uh… contact so it would happen in true lies on uh…
and must look that with that that would show that the and you know
what area consider exposed he replied let’s listen for a year we do this and
everybody that we have on the show the over under is set at ten wins now as he
said uh… before you give us your prediction
you did mention that they face does dominic quarterbacks and they do start
out the season with green bay and detroit may also face obviously giant
suggest that there’s a sense in the patriots among some very good teams now in the over under is ten wins i’ve
believed that day will certainly go over what’s your take on it i worked here uh… is that they could quickly with
money order i mean if you want to yasir weekend but i’m not bosses or whistle or
let’s do it y_o_y_o_ carrier sharp broke well i think we’ll never know that they
were apparently uh… edgar poor children trip-hop here uh… marketamerica turnover
differential um… but we talked about there is an
offense uh… created um… architectural because a m you know that they prepare better in the
market where there were thirteen great contract with america but they look

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