19 thoughts on “3 Keys to Winning Tennis

  1. I've been playing tennis for many months, starting from scratch and learning the fundementals through watching many many youtube videos. The points this coach has made always listening(2:35) only occured to me while playing a couple of days ago and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. How ironic that I catch this video now, I'm a 100% sure I would of been playing much better had i seen this one earlier. Great video!

  2. jim excellent videos i am learning so much from your videos -balance rythem pronation -corkscrew -spit step -my game has improved alot

  3. Great advice. I lose my temper way too often and it doesn't help. I was looking on here for any advice for middle aged players playing singles (I'm 45). I regularly play with a guy who is 23 years old. Maybe I shouldn't play a guy who is way younger and faster than me, but here in UK most middle aged club guys only want to play doubles

  4. Solid tips. However I've found the first point of a game doesn't mean a whole lot by the time you get to 15-15 or 30-30 or so on (least more times than not). Sure you may build momentum but many a time I've been up 30-0 against a worthy foe to then lose the next 4 or in deuce. Think it's more important to treat every point like an opportunity & not a gimme, i.e. don't assume you're going to lose the game because it's 15-40. Fed & Nadal win so much because they win so many games when they look down & out but keep it together mentally to pull one out (more than winning the first point of a game imo)

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