3 Exercises (YOU NEED TO DO NOW) To Improve Your Rugby Tackle

3 Exercises (YOU NEED TO DO NOW) To Improve Your Rugby Tackle

Hi guys this is Martina from performance
ground and today’s blog is about three exercises that you should be doing to
improve your rugby tackling, so tackling makes a big part of rugby because rugby
in itself is a collision sport and one of the skills used as a collision
technique is tackling to have an effective tackle a player needs to be
good with his range just because of the nature of the movement but most of all
he needs to be strong mainly in his lower body because he’s going to
transfer power from the ground into the player that he’s going to be tackling he
needs to have mobile and stable shoulders just because of the impact
that he’s going to experience when the tackle is going to take place and apart
from that he needs to be strong in his core and mainly rotational coil because
he’s not just going to go straight and not move his body but he’s going to move
his body from one side to the other we’ve got ash here who is going to
demonstrate a squat for us so you can use different variations of a squat ash
is going to be doing a back squat but depending on the season on which part of
the season you’re at and you can vary the squat variation so we can use back
squats front squats you can even go into post squats or isometric squats and then
very also the sets and repetitions closer or further away of games so if
ash here it takes the position for a normal back squats so he’s going to go
under the bar place it at the top of his shoulders or neck there we go
so feet slightly wider than hips he’s going to brace and then he’s going to
push his hips back and squat down and up in a controlled manner keeping his heels
on the floor and having his chest up rights as well just one more perfect
so the next exercise is a landmine rotation which is working your core
through bracing but at the same time you’re moving your hands from one side
to the other which puts a little bit more challenge through the core so ash
is going to take the bar in both hands he’s going to go into stable position
where his shoulders knees and ankles are in almost a straight line then he’s
going to take brace his core and go from one side to the other he’s going to let
his core or shoulders twist a little bit but the main focus is trying to maintain
as solid as possible and then the boy as you can see it doesn’t go below hip
height so always keeping gets above hip height excellent and relaxed so this
would be good for rugby because of the impact as we’ve mentioned before so
you’re bracing your core but you’re doing something else while bracing the
core so you need to work two things in one
in one time so the last exercise we’re going to show is a is a shoulder
external rotation so we’re going to show this exercise today just because it
works the deeper muscles around the shoulder which are then used to
stabilize the shoulder and try not to neglect the main compound exercises to
improve your upper-body strength though so that would be for example the bench
press overhead shoulder press and even pulling motion like the row so the
shoulder external rotation ash is going to take again a stable position he’s
going to have his elbow at a 90 degree and then he’s going to make sure to keep
it close to his trunk and not flare it out while pulling his hand out that’s it
and then again and do it in a controlled manner and this is activating this part
of your back and with reps and sets try and go to around 10 to 12 just because
it weight-wise it will be very low so you can fatigue the muscle a little bit
with doing a little bit more reps either than going up on the weights and you can
relax there if that if you don’t have a Kaiser like we have
available you can also do it on a cable machine or as you can do it with
resistance bands as well because that would be the same exercise and
activating the same muscles as well so those were three exercises that
researchers that use to improve your rugby tackle and saying that there are
other exercises that are important so make sure that you keep varying the
exercises that you do although may be working on the main principles like
lower body strength show their strengths as well as stability and core strength
do let us know if you use any of those exercises or else what use instead of
those three exercises and hit like if you’ve liked this post

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  1. I recommend doing a flying squat. You do a normal squat then you explode up. It will help your leg muscles and your core.

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