2019 Playoff Bound Dallas Cowboys NFL Season schedule 2019 predictions

2019 Playoff Bound Dallas Cowboys NFL Season schedule 2019 predictions

Dallas Cowboys NFL Season schedule 2019 predictions picks schedule week predictions and record
Today I am giving my Dallas cowboys season predictions what I think there
win loss record will be at the end of the National football season and do
think they will make it to the playoffs. This year is going to be a great year for them they do have a great line up on
defending teams will not be a easy year but a very good year.
as long as they play great football and there defense and offense does good
we should see them in post season.
Dallas Cowboys news what’s up everybody Minnesota MNBeasts
having a crazy crazy morning crazy morning crazy crazy morning I said I’d
get on here since I haven’t shown my shiny melon for a while what’s up whats up
whats up woo I got to be sweater on yeah why was I walking around my house and
showing you a little bit crazy stuff in the beginning because we are here to
talk about the Dallas Cowboys that’s right there NFL 2019 season what the
Beast predicts their outcome to be that’s right
will they be a nine and six team this year will they be a 14 and two team this
year let’s see let’s see and what am I doing this for why am i doing a video
like this because I haven’t done one for a few weeks and or a while and I figured
why not get on here and show my shiny mug woo plus it’s raining outside
everything was wet so now it’s drying so my day is a little damp so anyhow week
one I have a lot of people have been watching I have the New York Giants favored in
week one play in Dallas in Dallas as a loss for Dallas now relax Dallas fans
Kenneth everybody that watched my stuff woo we played Giants twice we play the
Giants twice will it be a split or will it be a sweep or what will it be well
Dallas win at home this Couple of week one and in pass and week nine when Dallas goes
to the New York Giants with a Giants win or well the Giants win both or will
Dallas wouldn’t both leave it me in the comments let’s get this on
all right week once you don’t take I got question marks next to everything week
one New York Giants playing the Dallas Cowboys let’s put an L for the Dallas
Cowboys for that one unless you know what’s gonna happen
Dallas Cowboys week 2 going into Washington Redskins for sure victory for Dallas
Cowboys that’s a big win week three Miami Dolphins going in and play Dallas another
big big win for Dallas Cowboys week four now Dallas is traveling into New Orleans
who dat Saints I gotta give it to the Saints week five Green Bay Packers going in so
to play the Dallas Cowboys and a in playoffs yet we ain’t gonna have a last
couple second Aaron Rodgers deal week five Dallas Cowboys beat the Green Bay
Packers week six Dallas Cowboys go into New York woo they’re flying into New
York to play the yes the yes that’s right they’re playing the New York Jets
I don’t believe that the Jets are gonna be yets this year all right I have a lot
faith in those Jets this year that is why I’m putting an L on week six for the
Jets but with the question mark because we really don’t know all right it’s any
given Sunday like I always say week 7 Philadelphia is going in the Eagles are
gonna be playing the Dallas Cowboys at Dallas Eagles are a good team it’s at
Dallas Dallas wins this week 8 woo let’s take some Z’s and rest that’s
right we can’t all Dallas Cowboys fans get to watch all the other teams and take a break and rest week 9 Dallas is
going in now let’s go back to that Giants game Dallas in week 9 is going
into the New York to play the Giants so that is where I have two question marks
let’s see if they’re Dallas is going to win week one at home or Dallas is gonna
week week nine on the road alright so there’s those two question marks between
a nine record six record to a possible 12 and four or
even better even a 14 and crazy to week 10 Minnesota Vikings you know I’m a
Minnesota Vikings fan so I got a loss for the Dallas Cowboys on that because
when I was a Dallas Cowboys fan and that is gonna show my age well
that was known was playing Troy Aikman you know Deion Sanders Emmitt
Smith those are some crazy times back-to-back Super Bowls they were like
the New England Patriots week 10 so I got week 10 Minnesota Vikings because
I’m a fan of the Minnesota Vikings I got the Minnesota Vikings winning in Dallas
with a red question mark week 11 Dallas is going in to play the new year the New
York see I got New York Giants on the brain playing that Giants woo playing
the Giants see I got the New York Giants on my brain playing the Giants playing
the Giants now they’re playing the Lions Detroit Lions week 11 and why am I glad
down because I’m just looking at schedule Dallas at Detroit Detroit is
gonna lose that game Dallas is gonna win week 12 Dallas is going into play the
New England Patriots well Tom Brady be healthy if Tom Brady is not healthy
Dallas Cowboys win that’s where we’re gonna have the chance of going 14 and
possibly 2 if Tom Brady is healthy I gotta give it to New England Patriots
week 13 Buffalo Bills plan and Dallas Dallas wins watch out Dallas wins week
14 Dallas is going into play the Chicago Bears that crazy bears defense from last year
that could possibly be crazy this year I got a loss for Dallas a win for Chicago
with a question mark because we don’t know it’s any given Sunday week 15 the
Los Rams going into play the Dallas Cowboys I got a
you for the Dallas Cowboys that’s right because the Dallas Cowboys does good as
I predict they’re gonna be they’re gonna win they’re gonna win woo week 16
Dallas is playing the Eagles in Philly I gotta put an L for a Dallas in week 16
because Philadelphia Eagles and that freaking stadium that’s stadiums crazy
Washington plays Dallas i got w for that for week 17 woo thanks what the beast
says that is what the beast says so add them all up look at the spin reel at the
very end and that is why leave me in your comments below what you think about
this crazy video sorry it was long it’s sometimes you gotta just shine the melon
and things that are coming up if you stayed this long I hope you did
Cleveland Browns discussion will be out coming up on the 21st of this month that
is August New England Patriots twice second the Rams the 22nd the Kansas City
Chiefs on a Friday the 23rd of August we’re gonna talk about on Saturday
August 24th we’re gonna talk about the New York Giants record and where they’re
gonna be on Sunday we’re going to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers it’s all
about getting ready for that kickoff whew it’s almost here Monday we’re gonna
talk about the Oakland Raiders and then so on and so on and so on so just keep
watching keep watching and if you don’t subscribe you better subscribe right now
because then you can get all the update crazy footage and check out the
community page every week from here on out when there’s a week 1 through 17 I’m
going to list all the football games that are playing so that way everybody
can just go on in there pick their teams who they want to see to win and look at
what everybody else is thinking woo-woo what’s it gonna be what’s it
gonna be yeah I got those Man on I got the
Manchester on it’s called age and Sunday so I’m putting a question mark next to
that loss for week one but you know you know Dallas fans you know the Giants
play it I think I got some all-time Dallas ghosts in my house OK OK OK
Dallas is that home they should win that game alright alright at home they should
win that game alright alright man why did I do that that’s crazy but
he says crazy try to myself like that
alright let’s let’s rewind this it’s play it I think I got some all-time
Dallas ghost in my house so we start this stuff so we starting to stuff over

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  1. Yea. I got us going 10-6. But I have no problem with someone saying we will lose a division game. Those are tough. I'm sure you know Zeke is holdi g out. But our back up HB is looking real good. And we added Witten and Randall Cobb. I hope Zeke doesn't wind up like Bell.

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