2019 NBA Playoffs – First Round Predictions!

The NBA playoffs are here. The regular season has ended. We’ve had some great stories at the end
of the season with both Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade retiring. Many surprises. Disappointments. But the real ball starts now. Only 16 best teams are left battling for the
NBA championship. A lot of interesting pairs. Could there be any surprises? Hey guys. PRPLPRNCH here. Hope you’re doing awesome. And now. Let’s look at the playoff bracket and make
some first round predictions! Let’s start with the Eastern Conference. We have some interesting matchups here, but
the winner of the first one should be pretty clear. The Milwaukee Bucks meet the Detroit Pistons. Milwaukee has the best record in the league
and was the only team in the league to crack 60 wins, while Detroit barely made the playoffs
on the last game of the season by beating the 17 – win New York Knicks. The Bucks are obviously the clear favorite
here. Additionally Blake Griffin is banged up. During the regular season, Milwaukee won all
4 matchups pretty convincingly with only one game being a win of less than 5 points. Both teams have great coaches but Milwaukee
beats up Detroit pretty badly when it comes to talent. Milwaukee possibly has this year’s MVP in
Giannis Antetokounmpo, floor spacing, rim protectors and all-around a very good team,
while the Pistons have Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond. And that’s it. Talent wise it’s not a fair matchup and
I’m sure it will show in the box scores as well. This is a possible sweep, but out of respect
to Dwane Casey I’ll give Detroit one game at home. But it has to be Game 3, cause if they lose
Game 3, oh it will be a sweep. Prediction: Milwaukee wins 4-1 and moves on
pretty easily. For the second matchup we have the 2nd seeded
Toronto Raptors against the 7th seeded Orlando Magic. First of all let me congratulate the Orlando
Magic for finally making the playoffs again. They’ve shown a great team and competitive
spirit. Just 10 games before the end of the regular
season they were on the outside looking in, but made it way up to the 7th seed. Congrats to them. Unfortunately this is where it ends though. Toronto is just better. Their regular season matchups don’t suggest
that as in 4 games they played against each other, each team managed to get 2 wins. But when it comes to the playoffs Orlando
is just so inexperienced. I think only the biggest Magic fans can see
this series end with Orlando winning. Toronto just has better players. They have the playoff experience. They have veterans, most improved player of
2019, a good point guard in Kyle Lowry, Kawhi Leonard and no Lebron to keep them away from
getting to the finals. Orlando on the other hand has some good talent
as well, and they have an all-star in Nik Vucevic who’s playing the best ball of his
life. In the end though this is just too similar
to the Milwaukee – Detroit series, where the higher seeded team just overwhelms with talent. This could be a sweep, but I’ll give Orlando
one game at home. The end prediction: Toronto wins the series
4-1. Moving on we have the 3rd seeded Philadelphia
76ers matching up with the 6th seeded Brooklyn Nets. I actually can’t believe that I just said
Brooklyn Nets because who would’ve thought that they would make the playoffs. Watching that team has been amazing. So much youth and just hustle, grind. The team doesn’t have the best players,
but somehow they mesh well together and they play hard. Teams split their season series 2-2. Philadelphia, pretty much has 4 of the 5 best
players in this series, so on paper it should be an easy series win for the 76ers, but there’s
a catch. As far as it stands now, it’s quite possible
that Joel Embiid doesn’t play in the first game of the series and who knows how the knee
will respond down the calendar. If Brooklyn somehow manages to steal that
first game from the 76ers this could turn out to be a long series. In the end, I think the games are tough, close,
but Philadelphia prevails – They close the series on the road – 76ers win the series
4-2. And as our last Eastern Conference matchup
we have the 4th seeded Boston Celtics vs 5th seeded Indiana Pacers. Indiana Pacers have been a great cinderella
story. They lost their best player to an injury early,
but with a proper coaching and great team play they managed to remain in the 5th seed
by the season’s end. Myles Turner has been an awesome defender
and everyone else has been stepping up when needed. Boston on the other hand, although a higher
seed feels like a disappointment team. Highly touted head coach, Kyrie Irving, superstarish
young talent, but somehow they don’t mesh together that well. They managed just to get to the 4th seed when
the majority predicted them to win the conference. During the regular season the Boston Celtics
met with the Indiana Pacers 4 times and won 3 of those games with only loss being a loss
by only one point on the road early in the season. This series would have a potential to be very
long with everyone healthy, but there is no Oladipo for the Pacers and sure, Celtics won’t
have Marcus Smart, but I think that will play a bigger role later in the playoffs not in
the first round. Pacers don’t have the guards to take care
of Kyrie and they just don’t have those blue chip prospects like Boston does. Nate McMillan can coach his butt off, and
since Boston has it’s own problems I think this can be a 6 game series. Each team wins first two home games, and then
Celtics win the next two. 4-2 in the series and Boston goes to conference
semifinals. So that’s the East. Let’s now move on to the West. Where in the first round of the 2019 NBA playoffs
we have the 1st seeded Golden State Warriors meeting the 8th seeded Los Angeles Clippers. Where do I start with this? Clippers have been impressive. Jerry West has once again done a magnificent
job getting rid of big contracts and building a team, but the talent superiority is just
so drastic here. During the regular season Goldenstate won
3 out of 4 matchups pretty convincingly with the only loss coming in OT and early in the
season when Goldenstate was having their own inside locker room problems. Now. They don’t have any all-star quality player,
but they have grinders. I would like the Clippers to steal one game,
but I think this is as bad as it comes. Clippers had a great regular season for the
talent level they had and I think they will have an even better offseason, but that’s
it. Easy sweep for the Warriors – 4- 0 in the
series. Let’s just move on. Next we have the 2nd seeded Denver Nuggets
facing off against the 7th seed San Antonio Spurs. Wheew. This is a tough one. As lopsided as those number of seeds might
sound I think I might go crazy and pick the Spurs on this one. Just hear me out. Both teams split the regular season series
2-2. Greg Poppovich has so much experience on Mike
Malone and the whole Denver Nuggets team. Only Paul Millsap has experienced some playoffs,
while for the Spurs it feels like they have been in the playoffs forever. I know that the Spurs don’t have their trio
of Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker anymore. I understand that Denver is very talented
and a great young and upcoming team, but there is something about that Spurs team with Greg
Poppovich at the helm you just don’t want to bet against. I think the most important game will be Game
1. If Spurs win that, this series ends in 6 with
the Spurs getting Game 6 win. If Denver starts hot, this series could go
seven. Denver has played great and only recently
they lost the battle with the Warriors for the 1st seed in the Western Conference, but
Spurs are not easy to play against, no matter what seed they are. I think Poppovich gets this. 4-2 Spurs win. Next we have the 3rd seeded Portland Trail
Blazers against the 6th seeded Oklahoma City Thunder. The seeds don’t tell the story here. First of all, Portland lost all 4 of their
games against the Thunder during the regular season. So we know that they don’t have the OKC’s
number. Secondly, Portland has been battling with
injuries. Cj McCollum is banged up. Jusuf Nurkic broke his leg a couple of weeks
before the playoffs and the injury bug has struck them Blazers again. Feels like they never can catch a break which
is a shame cause Dame Lillard deserves better. I think this series has a real potential to
be a sweeper and I think it is. 4-0 OKC wins and moves on to the second round. And last but not the least we have the 4th
seeded Houston Rockets against the 5th seeded Utah Jazz. This one could be hell for Houston. Both teams split the regular season series
2-2 and I think the playoffs can go even as well. Utah has a great homecourt and they actually
cover one of Houstons advantages of getting to the rim with a great rim protector in Rudy
Gobert. Houston does have the better players on the
top, but Jazz has the better coach. And we’ve seen Harden go cold in like the
every playoffs he’s been in, so who knows. It will be the 2nd playoffs for Donovan Mitchell
so maybe he will be better. This has a potential to be a long series,
just because I can see Houston’s offense struggling to score on that Jazz defense. In the end I think this goes 6 or 7 games,
but as I have to make a prediction right now I say it goes 7 games, with Houston winning
game 7 at home. 4-3 in the series. So that’s it guys. These are my predictions for the first round
of the 2019 NBA playoffs. Do you agree with them? Make your own predictions in the comments. If you didn’t love my predictions but enjoyed
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