hello everyone I’m Andy Lehoux from NHL
Draft Central the NHL lottery just finished and the Buffalo Sabres won, so
it’s just about time that I finally make my first 2018 NHL mock draft. The 2018
NHL Draft is described by many as one of the deepest but much of the year have been
focused on one guy Rasmus Dahlin. Described as almost generational game
breaking and the best defenseman coming into the draft since Denis Potvin. And
rightfully so, Dallin put up 20 points in 41 CHL game
and not surprisingly the best production in history for a defenseman in his draft
year highlights of in dangling cruciate appear as circulate around the web for
more than a year now and the eye for dalian is continuing to grow now that
that said let’s jump into my 2018 NHL Mock Draft So let’s make it official. With the first
overall pick the Buffalo Sabres proudly select Rasmus Dahlin every team fanbase
fantasized about dalian in the respective team jersey but it’s the
Buffalo Sabres that will be able to see the super-swede wearing their team
uniform but who has been waiting for this opportunity for years they finally
select at the first pot of the drug and grab their future franchise defenseman
I’m pretty sure Jack Eichel is very happy right now with dalian the
Buffalo Sabres gets a well run the defenseman he got amazing skating
passing puck-handeling vision and an excellent shot defensive game
physicality and ocuk you well is good in every category with the new owner in
charge the Carolina Hurricanes will go straight forward with this pick select
the best possible player at the second spot the Carolina Hurricanes select from
very in the OHL andreas vesicle the Carolina Hurricanes might not have win
Dahlen but specialty curve is a special talent nautilus the quick rise of Dalian
and snatch curve injury at ease and at the beginning of the season made them
play the rest of the season in the shadow of the other for me semantics of
is closer than Dali than many ticks it might be one of the best goal scorer
entering the draft in many years and not as many people are up about him we might
look at a situation where in a couple of years the dressed pot won’t matter and
they will both become two franchise player like average Ovechkin and Malkin in
2003 John Tavares and Viktor Hedman in 2009 or Austin Mathews and Patrick Laney
in 2016 menshikov produced 40 goals and 72
points in 44 games in the OHL the Carolina Hurricanes got a player with
amazing skating shooting passing and a good physical game much
is in the search for a center since the end of times
but unfortunately for them this draft doesn’t have any potential first line
center they will still be very happy with an elite winger to reinforce their
former core with the third selection the Montreal Canadiens select from Halifax in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Philip Zadina
that’s not had an incredible season in Halifax and made multiple pushes for
the second overall spot throughout the year that in a pot of 44 goals and 82
points and 57 QMJHL games the Montreal Canadiens will be very pleased to get an
amazing shooter and pocket alert after being one goal away from the NHL Stanley
Cup final the Ottawa Senators added disasterous year finishing 30th with
trade rumors surrounding Coulson this sends need to make it at the draft and
it won’t suit off they selected a fourth pick from the Boston University in the
NCAA Brady Tkachuk. Tkachuk is like his brother Matthew a power forward who
liked to mess with his opponent is the type of player you want on your team not
on the other side he posted eight goals and 31 points in 40 games in the NCAA
and looks to be a national ridi which will make the Ottawa Senators staff even
more happy Arizona had an incredibly bad start of the season but picked it up in
the last two months of the NHL calendar they shown they can jump into playoff
contention next year but another top prospect could always help they select
with the fifth pick from Rena’s in the super elite Adam Boqvist with focus is a
poke mover offensive right and the defenseman and one of the best shooter
among defenseman I’ve seen entering the draft it reduced 17 goals and 29 points
in 29 games in this super elite very Eric Olsen like and will bring joy to
fans for many years in Arizona let’s look at the first top five pick
after 25 years of constant success the tres started the rebuilding last year
but they’ll be able to take a big step this year with a top 10 full of
defensemen they gladly select with the sixth pick from London in the OHL even
butcher butcher is a right-handed offensive defenseman with diverse
offensive weapon he has good passing good vision and a very good shot menial
questioning is skating abilities but with 25 goals and 87 points in 67 games
in the OHL there is no doubt he can’t produce the Detroit Red Wings fans will
enjoy watching him control the game Vancouver dreamed of Dallin all year but
with the good finish they add to the season they’ll finally have to turn
themselves to another in the defenseman they select with the seventh pick from a
caddy batters in the QMJHL Noah Dobson Dobson is a right and a 2-way
defenseman with great speed and defensive awareness he is very good in
1v1 tattle on the defensive end he got 17 goals and 69 points in 67 games in
the QMJHL is a safe defenseman that can be used in all situation cleared the
Vancouver Canucks coaching staff will love with the success they had in recent
history it’s surprising to see Chicago in the top ten
there were still a very talented team and will look to bounce back next year
with this pick Chicago could go back in playoff contention next year they
proudly select added eight pick from the US Development Program
Oliver Wahlstrom boström is a right winger with one of the best shot of the
draft with Zadina’s, Svechnikov and Boqvist with he got very good poke and Ling and
good speed he put up 22 goals and 45 point in 26
you CHL games a future sniper that the Chicago Blackhawks fan base will enjoy,
As they said to their fans the Rangers distorted the rebuilding but a pic at
the top of the draft will certainly help they select with the ninth pick from the
Michigan University Quinn Hughes uses eleven that pot mover offensive
defenseman a small size at five foot ten makes him drop a little but the New York
Rangers will gladly take him is without a doubt the best skater of the draft he
posted five goals and 29 points in 37 games in the NCAA as the luck didn’t turn
in their favor like before Edmonton will still have a chance to grab another
player they select with the 10th pick from spoken in the WHL Ty Smith. Smith is
a left-handed to a defenseman with amazing passes and skating he has a
great hockey IQ and controlled the game in the offensive zone he produced 14
goals and 73 points in 69 games in the WHL it might not be the most flashy
defenseman of this draft but he’ll be appeared the Edmonton Oilers will trust
for years let’s look at the big six to 10 with the
first of two top 15 picks the New York Islanders will look to take the best
possible clear to convince Tavarez to stay in New York the select with it 11th
pick from asset in the Liiga Jesperi Kotkaniemi. Kotkaniemi is a 2-way
centerman with amazing passes and decent skill shot can be surprisingly precise
he has defenseman down below he got 10 goals and 29 points in 57 games in the
Liiga appear who can do everything and could get a decent role with the New
York Islanders with their second top 15 pick the Islanders will look into needs
and I have a feeling they will select from Drummondville in the Quebec Major
Junior Hockey League Joseph Veleno oh well I know is a two-way
centerman that can help you down defensively but also showcase great
speed and passes offensively is a power play specialist Veleno at 22 goals
and 79 points in 64 QMJHL games they’ll make the joy of the coaching staff in
the New York Islanders the draft all’s of this year edition the Dallas Stars
looks to move forward after a disappointing season with ends cannon
coming up the stars will gladly take another good prospect they select with
the 13th pick from the US Development Program Joel Farabee. Farabee is a
defensively safe left wing will bring speed and okay IQ to his game he makes
some very good passes and pretty much do everything well he got 15 goals and 40
points in 26 new CHL games is not the most flashy player but it does
everything correctly he won’t have difficulties to find his spot in the
Dallas Stars roster with sunny we speak the Philadelphia Flyers will try to
settle the fighter already amazing encore they select with the 14 pick from
salts and merit in the OHL Barrett Hayton in turn is a dynamic two-way center who
use speed and agility to help defensively and offensively we got a
good vision and some nice passes he put at 21 goals and 60 points in the OHL is
a player both fans and coaches from the Philadelphia Flyers will enjoy the
Panthers finished one point ahead of Colorado who made the playoffs this year
and they are looking to make a push next year to they don’t necessarily need
another young player but you never have too much of those they select with the
15 pick from carpet in the Liga Rasmus Kupari. Kupari is a speedy
sentiment with a great shot and some good passes is offensively gifted but it
principally get his offensive chance with speed and poke and ling is a super
exciting player and the Florida Panthers fan base will quickly understand why
let’s look at the big 11 to 15 now that the rest of the first round is
undetermined I’ll stop you won the Stanley Cup
playoff finishes I’ll post a complete Mock Draft. Thanks everybody that stayed to the end let me know your opinion on my mock
draft and share your 2018 NHL mock draft in the comments below I want to see your
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