2 Chainz Reacts To Rapping NBA Stars (Lonzo Ball, Damian Lillard, Iman Shumpert) | The Cosign

2 Chainz Reacts To Rapping NBA Stars (Lonzo Ball, Damian Lillard, Iman Shumpert) | The Cosign

What up? What up? It’s your player partner checking in. 2 Chainz! And right now I’m locked in with Genius. Trying to see if I’m really, really rocking
with these NBA slash rappers. Being in the league is already time consuming. So I’m sure a lot of guys might be, already
have a natural knack for just free styling and knowing how to rhyme and put words together. But to be like a good rapper, it takes time. Like basketball, it takes practice as well. Shaq rapped. Kobe rapped. AI rapped and cussed during the rap. A lot of people try. A lot of people did. AI was nice, on the low. To me, I think that people can have a side
hustle or have hobbies. And I can tell them don’t quit their day job,
though like, NBA is way more lucrative as far as having a financial plan. Iman hard. I want y’all to be clear too now, y’all
know that boy played for Georgia Tech, man. Y’all stop playing, man. It looks like a real video. It looks like it has a budget behind it so
that caught my attention. It wasn’t just like a, do it in front of his
cars or you know, iPhone or nothin. And this looks like it a Red cam, too. It’s shot by his wife Teyana Taylor. We know that that’s the cheat sheet. She’s very creative. This is not the first thing that I’ve heard
from him and it definitely ain’t bad. Its that boy Zo, huh? Boy got his momma in the video. I’m fuckin’ with it. Got his dad. Get ya merch, get ya merch. Hey man, I’m all for marketing. I’m all for ownership. I’m all for packaging it up and selling it. And this looks like what the Ball family is
doing. It’s a family oriented video. It talks about their brand. I’m sure it’s about, you know, getting people
to actually check out their brand. I already knew Zo rapped, he has his brothers
in there. It looked like they having fun. I don’t have any problem with it. It’s not gonna, you know, play on the radio
or in the club, but I think it has a purpose. These people have real videos, fam. I’m about to have to get one of these directors. Who is this? Wow, the number two pick? Not just because he’s tall with dreads, he
gives me like a J. Cole vibe. Cause his music has a, you know, this message
to it. Well, I think he’s very talented. I think he has a well put together video. It looks like it was shot with a production
team. I heard ad libs in the song. I heard, like, the whole recording process. So I take
it that this wasn’t his first time recording. Is this Gucci? Bruh I know this dude right here! Oh man, not even who rappin’! I just seen who was rapping but I know shorty
over here. Has Danny Ainge seen this? Get that dough! I think this is hard. It seems like it’s a kind of sporadic shoot. They having all they swag and everything. I know who Marcus Smart is, but I didn’t
recognize him. I didn’t recognize him. He got his whole, he got the whole rapper
kit on, Jack. He looking like it on here so I ain’t know. And then I saw this other dude that I knew
so I was like trying to figure out who was rapping but I never know Marcus Smart rapped. He plays really hard on the court though for
real. The color correction actually looks like it
might of had a director, too. But it wasn’t as blowed out as the other videos
that I saw. But the song has a lot of the trendy things
that’s going on now as far as the ad libs and a lot of the cadences, so I actually like
it. Dame D.O.L.L.A.! I think this is all interesting because you
can tell where some of these, a lot of these guys get their influences from. You know Marcus Smart was more like a southern
vibe and Dame has more of an east coast vibe. Dame having ad libs and everything, man, y’all
better stop playing with these boys. Adam Silver, you better stop playing. You’re going to lose these boys. These boys gonna be at the BET awards. These boys gonna be at Rolling Loud. I worked with Dame before. He reached out. He was a fan of the music that I do. They gave me maybe two or three songs to choose
from. And the one that I felt like was kind of up
my lane, I knocked it out for them. We’ve been cool ever since. He’s been lacing me with a few pair of hoops
shoes. I went to the All-Star game. You know checked him out in a three point
contest and in the game. So, its cool, like, entertainment and sports,
the correlation is so strong we just a big family anyway. You know what I mean? Because, you know, ultimately we’re here
to give other people stress relief. You know what I mean? We’re entertainment, so. Alright so the videos and the songs are different. Some of the videos look better than, you know,
cause this Marcus Smart song is not bad at all. But Iman had a dope video and had a dope voice
too. So Iman probably had the whole package. But his wife shot the video, he has a cheat
sheet, too. I’m not playing any game of picking one person
out of all of these. I respect what each one of those people do. Shout out. In my heart I’m not sure how invested they
are into it because they have 82 games to play plus the playoffs if they make it. I do this. I don’t have an off season. I do this every night. I do this when it’s hockey season, baseball. I do this every season. It takes time to work on your game. And this right here, people need to understand
that music is a sport too.

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  1. Why these rappers think rapping is hard for the average person? Almost anyone can rap nowadays. You just need a good producer. But being lyrical… That's another thing.

  2. This looks like it has a budget, that caught my eye.
    Rap is about money, not skill or talent. What a stupid industry it has become.

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