1979-2018 Mustang Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S Tire (17-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S Tire (17-20″) Review

The Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire will
offer fantastic grip in dry conditions while still being rather useful in the wet or even
snowy conditions as well. Now, this highly rated all season tire will
be available in sizes to fit the 17, 18, 19, and 20-inch wheel with section widths ranging
from 205 on the smaller side all the way up to 275 on the wider end. Pricing will remain affordable for most sizing
in the category and will range from around 100 bucks per tire all the way up to around
300 bucks for the 265/50/R19. Now, Goodyear is one of those tire companies
that seems to offer a million different options within their lineup. And the Eagle here, in particular, I would
say is one of the most popular and is going to consist of tires like the Sport All-Season
we’re talking about today all the way down the line to the extremely capable F1 SuperCar,
which by the way came stock on the ’13 and ’14 Shelby GT500. But coming back to the Sport All-Season we
have here, I would say this is going to be one of your more aggressive all season tires
in Goodyear’s rather expansive lineup and in my opinion would be an excellent choice
for Mustang owners out there who are looking for one tire to get them through all four
seasons and might not live in those perfect weather states. Not because this thing is going to provide
you with a bunch of grip when it’s warm and dry out, but when things get a little bit
colder, you see some wet days, even some light snow, this thing will still get you through
some of those inclement weather days. Now, on top of that, I would even say in the
category, when it comes to ultra-high performance all season, the Goodyear might just offer
some of the best snow traction for the money. As far as the tread of the Goodyear Eagle
here, I will say is asymmetrical, which will allow for some traditional rotations, and
will help the tire achieve a manufacturer claimed 50,000 mile lifespan. Tread compound here, it does feature a good
amount of silica and is going to get a 560 for treadwear along with a single for traction
and a single a for temperature respectively. But dissecting the tread design here with
the Goodyear a little bit further, you’re going to see some link shoulder blocks on
both inner and outer shoulders that will help you with turn and responsiveness along with
the notch center rib here, running the circumference of the tire itself, that’s going to help you
with some straight line stability, grip, things like that in addition to a ton of siping on
this tire. So really helping you in the wet weather,
but the same time you can expect a very, very quiet ride out of this tire. That’s something that you will see present
in a lot of the customer reviews. As always, gang, keep in mind, the Goodyear
Eagle Sport All-Season tire is available with a number of your favorite wheel designs here
on the site. These things are available for free, mounting
and balancing, optional tpms install if needed, optional nitrogen fill, and last but not least,
they will ship to your door absolutely free of charge. So again, wrapping this one up, if you are
the type of Mustang owner who relies on one set of tires to get you through all four seasons
but don’t want to compromise performance, be sure to check out the Goodyear Eagle Sport
All-Season tire right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I have them in 285 on my nitrous coyote and they hook up way better then my old 305 Mickey Thompson street comp

  3. I was considering these tires but really wanted 305's. Ended up going with the BF Goodrich g-force Comp T/A's, 285 up front and 305 in the rear, absolutely love these tires and have excellent grip in dry or wet. No snow here yet, but grip with the sub 30F temps has been great.

  4. Almost need a separate disclaimer for FLA weather. Went through a set of factory p zeros in 13k miles. No burnouts… not on purpose anyway. You know how it is with a GT. Still shopping for a good tire that grips, lasts, and doesn't cost a fortune. But aren't we all.

  5. Mustang??? How the hell did I end up here… I was just looking up some info on the eagle sport tires for my Charger and I got some dude talking about a Mustang…. No ok.. NO!!! .. every time I race a mustang all they do is spin and lose…. Now I know why…… Lmao

  6. I drive a 2017 Honda Civic Si and I wouldn't recommend this tire at all. The wet traction is pretty bad. There was light-medium rain at the time when I was approaching a sharp turn that I was going to make. I was going 25-30mph and started slowing down as I approached the 20mph sign to make my turn and then the tires just suddenly lost all traction and I nearly plowed into another car. I wasn't even trying to turn fast either. That wasn't even the only time. There are numerous times I missed turns because of loss of grip. I'm only at 29k on these and the tires still have around 70% of tread. I feel like I'm on a set of bad H tires anytime the road is damp. The only good thing about these are dry performance. THESE ARE DANGEROUS TO USE ON WET ROADS

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