101 Facts About The Office

101 Facts About The Office

greetings of other factors my name is
Sam and today I’m going to be talking to you all about the office not the
original from our neck of the woods because get this apparently the show was
remade oh how the turntables across the pond this version managed seven more
seasons and almost 200 more episodes and is thought of by many as the superior
beast although no coven on that because I don’t become too down but which of the
cast members was a former burlesque dancer which of the characters had a
spin-off planned and why oh why is Toby the way he is two out of three those questions going
to be answered so grab your bobble heads teapots and jello as we can through 101
fact about the u.s. office it’s Brittany bench number one the office is an
American sitcom developed by Greg Daniels who co-wrote the pilot episode
with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant who wrote the original British show on
which it’s based number two the first actor to be cast in the show was BJ
Novak as Brian Howard he was also hired as a writer which
kicked off the tradition of actors also writing for the show number three as we
all know Jim and Pam being together is all that makes sense in this cold
senseless world turns out the actors knew it too
they were each other’s favorite auditionees with the role of their love
interest and when John Krasinski got the role of Jim his first question to the
casting director was did Jonah get the role and in turn Chen official asked
John got the job haha just like in my fanfic number 4
after they’d been car steve carell John Krasinski Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson
went out for lunch talked about the show and predicted that they had the
potential to go on for eight years which is exactly what it did does this make
them members of the Illuminati you decide number five at the lunch Corral
also repeatedly claimed of all the roles I’ll end up doing and all the films I
made shoot I believe that Michael Scott may be the role I’ll always be most
known for closely but as we all know that ended up being Dinner for Schmucks
it’s true number six the footage of Scranton in the show’s opening credits
also originates more around this time John Krasinski went there after finding
out he’d been cast and shot the footage in between interviewing real paper
company employees because how could he be expected to build a quad desk without
intensive research into the role fur number seven the computers in the set of
the Dunder Mifflin office for real working computers with internet
connections so cast members have confessed that when they’re in the
background they’re very rarely acting but instead checking emails surfing the
net and chatting to one another as the scene goes on around them number eight
but the only computer with functioning speakers belong to Oscar Nunez who plays
well Oscar who wielded this power with the level of responsibility you’d expect
by playing video to people falling over and bumping into things number nine
every time we see creed screen and camera during the show he’s playing
spider solitaire and Meredith is always playing Klondike CD example number ten
Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight was more careful with the computer browsing he
had a deal with the assistant director that if anything he was reading on
screen was have a caught on camera he would donate $100 to the meals-on-wheels
program number eleven perm never quite saw eye-to-eye with Dunder Mifflin’s
written tight ass Angela but the actors that played them are IRL BFF Elle’s the
two have matching hoodies and jenna fischer is even the godmother to angela
Kinzie’s child not bad for a dog person number twelve from a friendship that
lives on after the show to one the predates it Brian Baumgartner and Ed
Helms who played Kevin and Andy actually attended the same high school number
thirteen John Krasinski and BJ Novak can do one better they both attended Newton
South High School in Massachusetts both graduated in 1997 and even played in the
same Little League baseball team number fourteen you’ll probably recognize
Michael Schur as the actor who plays Dwight’s cousin mose welcome children
but he also wrote for the show and then went on to great Parks and Recreation
Brooklyn nine-nine and the good place not bad for someone with a natural fear
of paper everybody poops number fifteen speaking of writing in 2007 the show was
hit by the writers strike as a member of the Writers Guild of America
Steve Carell supported the show’s scribe so much that he wouldn’t even come in
for non writing duties on his first day of the strike he allegedly called in
sick with a case of what he called enlarged balls
although he later refuted the legend claiming it was too clever of him to
have come up with number 16 Steve Carell only watched a
few minutes of the original British show then never watched it again because he
was weary of simply becoming a copy of Ricky Gervais his English counterpart
David Brent on the other hand John Krasinski was a massive fan of the
original before he even got the role number 17 in fact in the waiting room
for his audition Krasinski got talking to someone and expressed his love for
the original and his fear that Americans just really screw these opportunities up
claiming I don’t know how I’ll live with myself if they ruin it for me naturally
the man he was talking to them revealed himself to be the show’s exec producer
Greg Daniels and Krasinski proceeded to vomit in his own mouth number 18
keeping it Krasinski now in 2008 the act had to shave his head for his role in
the football flick leather heads meaning that for the second half of season 3 Jim
is actually wearing a wig but it must have been worth it for that sweet 52
rating on Rotten Tomatoes number 19 the show had several confusing moments
involving references to films and TV series the itis of which have gone on to
appear in the show perhaps the hardest to wrap your head around are Michael
Scott’s various references to 1997 screen to where spoiler alert Timothy
Olyphant character turns out to be one of the masked killers but then Oliphant
showed up as a salesman Danny Cordray which is confusing unless
you subscribe to my shared universe theory in which scream 2 is also a
documentary and Danny Cordray is the Scranton strangler number 20 Michael
Scott is either a terrible pet owner or the owner of a magical fish in season 5
he keeps a fishbowl on this new desk the first time we see it there’s a goldfish
in there the next episode has a calico fish and in the third a black fish
number 21 the show’s credits were only companied by the theme song from season
4 onwards the other seasons had no music over the credits number 22 for the first
season the show was shot on location in a real office building in Culver City
California then from season 2 onwards it’s been
shot on a soundstage where the office was recreated
practically identically this was especially strange for the cast who
continually walked out of exits and was surprised to still be inside number 23
the location of this studio was referenced in season 5 when Charles
miner mentions a previous job at Saticoy steel the studios in a location is
Saticoy street number 24 in true michael scott fashion steve carell suffers from
hyper hydrosis the condition gives him overactive
plans meaning the temperature on set had to be kept at a call 64 degrees
Fahrenheit until production invested in space heaters number 25
Phyllis Smith plays you guessed it Phyllis on the show she was originally
just a casting associate until she nabbit herself so much for the producers
that the roles created especially for her number 26 casting associate to
character actor might be a daunting transition for some but Smith was helped
by her previous experience as both an NFL cheerleader and a burlesque dancer
and just like that you’ll never see it the same way again number 27 Phyllis
it’s constantly referenced as being the same age as Michael Scott despite the
fact she’s actually 11 years Carell senior number 28 we had to wait two
whole seasons to see Jim and Pam finally confront their feelings and kiss each
other but it wasn’t just the first for them this was actually John Krasinski’s
first kiss well on screen at least Bart when Jenna Fischer asked him if he’d
done it before he lied about it number 29 I have six minutes a transfer
a merger and a jilted husband later and before we knew it Jim was proposing in
season 5 the backdrop is a plain old rest stop which is surprising seeing as
that shot is the show’s most expensive and elaborate shot of all time according
to the producers and a cost of $250,000 the crew actually recreated the Merritt
Parkway rest stop that originally wanted from scratch number 30 but at some point
we have to accept that Jim and Pam aren’t real and they each had real-world
significant others in fact after plan gives birth in the aptly titled episode
the delivery her lactation consultant is actually paid by Fisher’s real-life
husband Lee Kirk number 31 Bob Odenkirk Paul Giamatti Martin Short Hank Azaria
Nick Offerman and Alan Tudyk were all considered for the role of Michael Scott
before Carell took it Odenkirk was even cast at one point more
on that later which is why he later appeared isn’t it the exact copy of
Scott from another Aquos later in the series
number 32 another casting that was almost way different was Dwight who had
an audition from then-unknown seth rogen number 33 Adam Scott and John Cho were
considered for gym before eventually went cruising ski who wasn’t even wanted
in the role of Jim which leads us nicely on to
number 34 resents key was actually called back to audition for Dwight’s he
continued to refuse believing that he was better for Jim this annoyed the
producers who thought he was lucky to be considered at all given his unknown
status but he stuck to his convictions and eventually got the role although in
season three’s product recall we found out exactly what a spot on Dwight
impression prisons he can do a joke Jim number 35 the relationship Jim Paul’s
his wife to be away from was originally going to be switched entirely with
another of the show’s couples Roy and Pam were initially going to be played by
Craig Robinson and Eric over Tony Phillips who went on to be Darryl and
his ex-wife number 36 Oscar Martinez Actor Oscar Nunez didn’t tempt the same
faith in the show with some of his co-stars and so kept his jobs as server
and a babysitter in preparation for the show’s cancellation number 37 as fun as
it was on screen the season 3 episode Beach Cannes was a disaster behind the
camera after Rainn Wilson accidentally kicked sand into letting David Baker’s
eye the fallout was so severe he had to be rushed to hospital and have his
eyeball cleaned out due to scratched cornea number 38 there isn’t a consensus
on the amount of episode to show actually has due to several double
episodes that no one can decide whether or not counts as one or two some have
the counter 185 while others including the producers Crockett in at 201
whichever one of these it’s definitely too many to explain what the documentary
crew was still filming eight years on number 39 of all the times Dwight is
shown without his pants on and it’s a lot actually he’s always wearing the
same pair of green undies except on two occasions where he wears blue and red
let’s all pray heap at least change degree ones in between number 40 Pam’s
got two mums no not like that in season two Pam Thomas played by
Shannon Cochran but in later seasons she’s replaced by Linda pearl
although Pam doesn’t appear to notice all that much or even care really number
41 the show Parks and Recreation was originally planned as a spinoff of the
office which is why Amy Poehler wasn’t cast in the role of Jan they wanted to
save her for Parks and Rec but could not have her play both because they exist in
the same shared universe how do Marvel make it so easy the meaning of life if
Parks and Rec had been a spinoff it would have turned Andy into a dog thief
because one of the pups he adopts during his breakdown belongs to
Andy Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation the three legged pit bull
also plays his in April’s dog champion this is why Andy should just write their
names on the bottom of things to avoid confusion
number 43 the address of the fantastically named pen paper building
which features in the show’s opening credits is 215 Vine Street in Scranton
Pennsylvania the building is one block away from Mifflin Avenue which is
believed to be the origin of Dunder Mifflin’s name well half of it number 44
in Michael Scott’s office there’s a copy of things like a billionaire a book by
none other than President Donald J Trump hashtag Scott 2020 number 45 in the real
life Scranton there’s a streetlamp banner for the fictional Dunder Mifflin
paper company incorporated on North Washington Avenue for a short time
though there wasn’t being the super stolen but it since been replaced and
they never even caught me number 46 Ricky Gervais who co-created and starred
in the original UK version for show has two cameos as his character David Brent
these are in season sevens the seminar and search committee it’s all fun and
games until you realize that two separate offices across the Atlantic
both experienced the exact same jell-o related prank number 47 David Brent
Slough based offices also paid on March 2 by the Union Jack flag that can be
seen sometimes on Michaels desk represent number 48 the show’s opening
credits here document being highlighted because I knew you were wondering that
document is section 12 point two two of the Los Angeles Municipal Code number 49
but throughout the show’s run eight of its cast members had directed episodes
BJ Novak Mindy Kaling Paul Lieberstein Steve Carell John Krasinski Rainn Wilson
Ed Helms and Brian Baumgartner number 50 the character of David Wallace is named
after a man called no points for guessing David Wallace author David
Foster Wallace to be precise that’s because writer and Moe’s player Michael
Schur is a huge fan of his so much so that sure actually owns the film rights
for Foster Wallace’s book Infinite Jest number 51 in the show Michael Scott’s
home addresses seem to be 126 Calum Court however the faux dunder mifflin
website NBC set up has it as 42 killem Court in actuality though neither of
possible not because Michael Scott’s a fictional character although yeah that’s
who but because the city’s block numbering
has Kellum courthouses starting at number 300 number 52 before michael
rejected Holly’s proposal but in a good way
he first had his own proposal rejected but in a bad way by Carol
luckily for Steve Carrell Nancy walls who plays Carol was more receptive when
he proposed in real life as the two have been married since 1995 number 53 in the
season 6 episode koi pond Michael falls into well a koi pond who’d have thought
it the office mocks him mercilessly for
this but an aspect of that mocking that most viewers have missed is that many
employees have changed their screen savers to fish tanks number 54
rashida Jones who plays Karen on the show didn’t think she’d survive her
first day she spent the whole time convinced she was about to be fired for
breaking character and loving at Steve Corral’s improvisations luckily she
stayed and has since helped keep struggling gag reel editors in the
business Thunder 55 Steve Carell is improvisation
haven’t always gone at such a warm reaction though in a now like onyx scene
in the season 3 premiere gay witch hunts Michael was scripted to only hog Oscar
but Carell decided to try and lock lips the now-famous reactions of Oscar and
the rest of the employees are actually completely genuine Daniel day-lewis eat
your heart out number 36 Pam’s watercolor painting of the Dunder
Mifflin building is a mainstay on the set of the office which makes it all the
stranger when for no apparent reason it disappears in season 6 it’s replaced by
a motivational poster and then simply returns a few episodes later number 57
since he in the Stanford branch arrived in the show in season 3 it’s hard to
imagine the rest of the office without the presence of Andy Bernard but fans of
the show almost had to is he was never intended to stay part of the merger all
the members of the Stanford branch were intended to be alienated fired or made
to quit but ed Helms has performances and he was too funny for the showrunners
to bring themselves to acts and he became the permanent fixture number 58
Jim and Dwight don’t always have the most supportive friendship but as it
happens that beautiful discord they share is the product of a supportive
friendship during their quarreling scenes John Krasinski of Rainn Wilson
would constantly offer tips to each other and when you’ve been laughing at a
classic Jim Ward white joke it will have often been written by the other one
number 59 while filming the party scene in the episode lecture circuits
production acted to be shot down because Christmas Jim Wilson were laughing some
controllably at Dwight’s decorations for the birthday party scene Brian Brown
balloons informative banner reading it is your
birthday number 60 when Pam runs through the airport like
she’s a kid in love actually to say goodbye to Michael the microphones don’t
pick up her teary goodbye and office fans have wondered for years what was
said between the two as it happens Jenna Fisher’s only instructions were say
goodbye to Steve and she did revealing in 2018 I told him all the ways I was
going to miss him when he left our show those were real tears and a real goodbye
that was a really emotional scene shut up you’re crying
number 61 who remembers what anyone did before computers well on the set of the
office before they’ll be giving real computers in season 2 the actors were
just told to bring in paperwork to keep busy when they were in the background
number 62 in the episode hot girl the rather less glamorous toy to a purse
girl was given to an unknown actor called five-time Academy Award nominee
Amy Adams back then though she was just known as plain old Amy Adams number 63
when Jim signs Meredith’s cast in the episode launch party you may have
spotted that the signature doesn’t look much like Jim Halpert
that’s because John Krasinski had a brain fart while filming and signed his
own name of John John Nintendo 64 throughout season four viewers may have
noticed Angela being conveniently obscured by bags printers and boxes
that’s because Angela actor Angela Kinsey was actually pregnant and had to
hide her stomach while filming number 65 jenna fischer had a bit more luck when
she got pregnant during season eights because plan was already scheduled to be
pregnant at that point on the show and the two fortuitously coincided talked
about method acting number 66 a lot of the shows episodes
could have had an hour long run time because the Carson crew always wrote and
filmed more than what they need it which begs the question why won’t episodes are
now along number 67 jenna fischer kept Pam’s engagement ring
from the show as a memento or those who refutes claims she’s still wearing it
which would admittedly be creepy number 68 during the show Rainn Wilson
actually wrote a fictional blog in character as Twite root it can be found
at Schrute space.com although if you want to wait until the end of video to
read it wit lovely forever number 69 given Michael Scott’s numerous
references to the wire throughout the show its trained eating clock the fact
that his future wife Holly with the spitting image of bitch wrists beady
Brussels from the show that’s because by the way both were played by Amy Ryan
who’s casting was motivated by the crews love for the wire number 70 turns out
there is someone who hates Toby more than Michael his actor Paul Lieberstein
a self-confessed shy guy who doesn’t enjoy being on-screen Lieberstein also
writes for the show and his episodes are distinguishable for their distinct lack
of Toby but the rest of the crew loved him and tried to get him on screen as
much as they can with Mindy Kaling being crowned the queen of writing for Toby
number 71 when casting was underway for Dwight’s ex-girlfriend Battlestar
Galactica fan Rainn Wilson reportedly begged for Galactica star Katee Sackhoff
to get the part number 72 almost every lunch break John Krasinski
and Brian Baumgartner would spend the whole time in Brian’s trailer playing
John Madden football it’s unclear whether the winner earned a gold medal
made of paper clips and then old yogurt later but all night think they did
number 73 perhaps a bigger will they won’t they
than Jim and Pam getting together was the show’s finale which had fans
impressed debating for months whether they would see the return of Michael
Scott of course we now know that we did but it was an extensive process to keep
the mystery Steve Carell reportedly lied for months and the showrunners didn’t
even till the network giving his lines to Creed during the table read best
prank ever number 34 behind-the-scenes of the show
a fantasy football league ran for six seasons
it consisted of Brian Baumgartner John Krasinski Rainn Wilson and various other
crew members although Wilson only managed to win once in six gears number
75 Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak first met when
they were hired for the show and dated on and off for the first few years
mirroring and impulse inspiring the on-screen relationship of Kelly and
Brian while the two have since broken up they’ve described each other as soup
snakes or soulmates for the uninitiated and their close friendship surrounds
them with renewed dating rumors to this day number 76
one of the best aspects of this its complicated relationship between caning
and Novak is the bit where Kaling enjoys lying – no back about their co-workers
to prank him for instance she had him convinced that showrunner Craig Daniels
had dated one of the show’s directors in college this
Novak apprehensive to criticize her episode in editing for fear of insulting
his boss’s ex-girlfriend number 77 the show was originally set to be called the
American workplace the subheading an American workplace was added when the
show aired in the UK and the fictional documentary version of the show released
in the finale is the same as an homage to its original title so you know though
to get that the Brits came first that’s what is set number 78 when she
first auditioned for the show Angela Kinsey was working for a 1-800 dentist
as a phone operator in 2015 she reportedly even sold a TV script on her
time working there 2 tbs granted that’s the last we’ve heard of the show but the
point is she’s in no danger of returning to phone dentistry for work whoo number
79 in another installment of just try picturing that Rainn Wilson originally
came in to audition for the role of Michael Scott what number 80 in multiple
episodes across the first three seasons a woman can be seen in the office who
never speaks but has been identified by showrunner Greg Daniels only as Luanne
number 81 creed bratton is played by an even
partially based on real-life creed bratton
both are former members of the band the grassroots and BJ Novak is even claim
that Breton is exactly the same as his on-screen counterpart except
good-hearted and lovable and generally not believed to have faked his own death
number 82 so yes in season three’s at burner Hana Christmas the song Creed
sings at karaoke is his own band song spinnin and reeling which in karaoke
terms is kind of cheating if you ask me number 83 in fact the on screen Creed is
so intertwined with a real Creed that we see his actual passport in the season 4
episode money except the passport that Bryson holds up actually has the name
William Charles Schneider on it Creed explains he transfers his
dentition Eider whenever he gets in trouble but it’s actually just his birth
name which he ditched when he joined the grassroots number 84 despite going down
as one of the more iconic line from the show the line waiter and slut it’s not
answering the original office material it’s actually a reference to Adam
Aykroyd Weekend Update sketch on Saturday Night Live number 85 Steve
Carell almost never took the career defining role of Michael Scott because
he’d already accepted a role on the NBC comedy come to Papa never heard of it
well be glad you haven’t the show was cancelled on four episodes and the role
of Michael went back to corral number 86 the show actually got its own
video game in 2007 released for PC the game featured bobbleheads of the
characters carrying our toughest jobs and pranks if you’re wondering why
you’ve never heard of this it’s because it didn’t exactly take the world by
storm with its two professional reviews only recommending it to fans of the show
with just a passing interest in video games number 87 in the season 2 episode
performance review Michael reads a note from the suggestion box encouraging
better outreach for employees fighting depression the note is signed by Tom who
Michael his reminder took his own life at an office convention in 2007 yet by
the way they happen the writers half jokingly suggested that this event was
both the reason why Brian was hired as a temp and the reason the documentary crew
had showed up in the first place giving the whole show a pretty dark subtext
number 88 the first season of the show didn’t actually get very good ratings
unlikely wouldn’t have been renewed if it weren’t for the release of the 40
year old virgin later in 2005 NBC predicted that the film would shoot
Steve Carell into superstardom and bring the office with it so they gambled on
the renewing of the show and the rest as they say has already been covered in
this YouTube video number 89 BJ Novak Mindy Kaling and Michael Schur had never
had professional writing jobs before the office and were hired from various
places like Kaling who Greg Daniels first saw performing in a two-woman show
about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck with her roommates at the New York
International Fringe Festival number 19 when the self-appointed best boss in the
world left after seven seasons a rift was left not just in the show but on
that most sacred of TV documents the call sheet
Steve Carell had always been the first name on the call sheet and the crew was
so sad to see him go that they retired the number one slot on the document for
the rest of the show number 91 in Michaels office in the Dunder Mifflin
office on the show the office based on the show the office there is a
certificate of authenticity on the wall which decrees that he is the proud owner
of a quality Seiko timepiece number 92 throughout the run on the show we have
had revealed to us the full names of all of its principal characters they are as
follows Michael Gary Scott Dwight Kurt Schrute the third James Jim Duncan
Halpert Pamela Pam Morgan Beesly Bryan Bailey Howard Andrew Andy Baines Bernard
born Walter jr. but no relation to Breaking Bad Kelly Erin Hannon Angelo
Noel Martin and Ken Raja Nanda Kapoor number 93 the building
used for exterior shots have dunder-mifflin sits across the street
from the bar called the office Greg Daniels hoped that this was a sign of
good fortune for the show although seeing as the bar was condemned in 2011
we’ll try not to read too much into it number 94 in season nine ed Helms missed
several consecutive episodes because he was hungover
oh no wait sorry my bad he was filming The Hangover Part 3 sorry although I’ve
seen it any man’s will have been hungover the whole time his absence was
explained by a three-month boat ride with his brother number 95 the show’s
first ever line was spoken by Steve Carell Michael Scott and the last was by
Jenna Fisher’s Pam Beesly well helping at that point but you get the gist
number 96 the address of the Dunder Mifflin offices is 17:25 Slough Avenue
although there’s no actual Slough Avenue in Scranton Pennsylvania this is of
course a reference to the original British show set in the town of Slough
which if you’ve never been there I wouldn’t know guide your way number 97
there were plans for a Dwight centred spin-off entitled the farm but some
eagle-eyed viewers may recognize that as the same name of season 9 episode 17
that’s because the episode was originally shot as a backdoor pilot to
show to NBC however it was used in the office after NBC passed on it and
audience is mostly reacted the same with the episode receiving a poor response
from fans and the press number 98 in the season 2 episode performance review when
Jim burst White’s exercise orb it was intended to just deflate slowly and it
did until the very last take when it’s exploded and Rainn Wilson hit the ground
so hard John Krasinski said it’s the hardest he’s ever seen someone hit the
floor in the scene you can actually see him dive out of shot so cameras wouldn’t
see him crying laughing what a Pro number 99 as we frequently hinted at
throughout the course of the video the company of Dunder Mifflin is entirely
fictional word might not have reached Granton Pennsylvania however as they
made the Dunder Mifflin paper Company Incorporated a member of the greatest
Granton Chamber of Commerce in 2006 number
100 dead dead dead we’ve already mentioned them all at one point or
another but in case you hadn’t clocked on four of the show’s regular secondary
characters share the same first name as their actor that Angela Kinsey is Angela
Martin then Schrute Oscar Nunez as Oscar Martinez just to to us finish Smith as
Phyllis Vance and of course everyone’s favorite rocky spin-off Creed as creed
number 101 as if it was tailor-made for fact 101 on Dwight’s filing cabinet is a
bumper sticker reading froggy 101 froggy 101 is real-world Quentin’s number one
country-western radio station this Easter Egg also crops up in the office
of Michael’s one-time telemarketing boss’s office too as well as on the
warehouse elevator a tattoo parlor and then one scene of Michael’s movie it’s
like a slightly more depressing Where’s Waldo
so that was 101 fact about the u.s. office did you learn anything you didn’t
move before who is your favorite office character hey while you’re at it watch
your favorite episode and by the way the answer is threat level midnight but if
any of you say Scott starts well hats off to you in the meantime no hey look
like the video subscribe to 101 facts for more of this lovely goodness and
speaking of which look at these two delectable delights on screen now you’re
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  17. …….READ THIS: I got a fact that will blow you away people. The famous building sign you saw at the beginning of every Office opening episode seen if you pause it at 10:49 of this video where it says Penn Paper was made a long long time ago by my grand father who owned a small building signs company. He along with his workers were the ones that also installed that round sign. Here is a Google link of the real building from above in which you can zoom in and see Penn Paper. That's why I first became a fan of the show and my grandfather used to laugh and yell every week when the opening credits played THERE IS MY SIGN !!!!! THERE IS MY SIGN !!!!! Thank you John Krasinski for selecting that specific building to video tape it and it being eventually on the show credits. My family thanks you !! P.S. If you travel on Google Maps to the left when you get to Penn Avenue on the link I have here after seeing the Penn Paper sign, you'll see one block away Mifflin Avenue which only runs a couple of blocks and that street was the inspiration for Dunder Mifflin. That's the actual path John Krasinski who played Jim on the show, took riding around in a car videoing footage to use as the show opening !!Here is the Google link just zoom in when you get to this link upwards towards the tower ahead on the map https://www.google.com/maps/place/215+Vine+St,+Scranton,+PA+18503/@41.412261,-75.6618956,132a,35y,341.83h,45t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c4ded4b6e9eb15:0xc8ced916cbec95f6!8m2!3d41.4137435!4d-75.6627201

  18. It’s concerning that as soon as he was like “who was a burlesque dancer? Who had a spin off planned?” I immediately was like “Phyllis and Dwight respectively” like calm down there buddy

  19. 9:58 isn’t there a mental disorder where you believe that loved ones have been replaced by actors/clones? Maybe Pam went to see somebody about that and was told she has that specific disorder and now she sweeps it under the rug.

  20. My favorite character is Dwight K. Schrute, and my favorite episode was Pam’s wedding, such a great fairytale, I loved it. Saddest moment was when Michael had to leave the office to go with Holly.

  21. There are a couple of scenes where Phillis gets a boogey on and you can tell in her youth she could have been a sexy dancer. Kinda strange to say about someone who is double my age lol.

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