#1: Tom Brady (QB, Patriots) | Top 100 Players of 2017 | NFL

#1: Tom Brady (QB, Patriots) | Top 100 Players of 2017 | NFL

We got Tom Brady. You just see the look in his eyes And it’s just like, “awhhh, uh oh!” Stay close to that TV, my eyes are glued to it I’m not surprised at all, they’re going for it here on 4th down. On their own 46, down by 25. Brady has a man; first down. Big conversion, Amendola. Now they’ll throw. Pass is caught. That’s White! Touchdown! Tom Brady: “Hey, no fear! No fear! “Cut it loose!” Just something in your stomach, just told you that it wasn’t over. It was never over, just ‘cuz you got that guy right there. The lead was at one point, 25 points, for Atlanta. Endzone, touchdown! Don’t ever count Tom Brady out. I mean, Tom just pretty much went to work. Put the ball in his hands, and different guys made plays Here’s Edelman, broken up And the pass is, They’re saying it’s a catch – it is amazing to be one of his teammates and watch him go to work hands at the white up the middle Touchdown Patriots He’s a guy who keeps us motivated whether we’re up forty or down forty Just keep working a laser focus, laser focus Gotta lock in now, laser focus Seeing the care that he has an ability to not give up he’s a champion because of it Let’s go to overtime. We are tied twenty eight Sideline, what a throw Amendola Tossed to White He’s in Patriots win the Superbowl Brady has his fifth They came back and won the game They won they came back and won the game Tom Brady he got his first Super bowl ring when some of his teammates were like in first grade or Kindergarten man This is unbelievable this guy is ridiculous As long as Tom Brady’s here, he got that number one spot. Let’s rewind to the start of the season when he wasn’t here It seems like a lifetime ago that the football world anxiously waited Tom Brady’s returned from a four-game suspension the Cleveland Browns with young Lucky opponent Let’s put four takes the snap back pedals on the pocket Pumps, now he throws across the middle Diving, under duress Touchdown, Bennett! It’s like he took those games off basically to wait on us to play him brady passed for three touchdowns in over 400 yards in his return The way he came back off the suspension this year he had he had some reproof and we all knew it was going to be rough when he got back so we stole one from the Patriots early in the year at their place, and then when Tom came back it was Same old Tommy I carved us up for I think like 45 points Throws a high lob for Hogan Runs under it at the 10 has the catch in stride Missing four games. He still has like a 20 to 1 Ratio Interception to touchdowns like this guy’s amazing Let’s go. Hell yeah boy. Edelman:Are you happy? I’m not happy
Brady: I’m happy Edelman: I’ll be happy with another one
Brady: I’m Happy
Edelman: I know you’re happy, I’m a little happy too I remember one throwing made against the seahawks to Julian Edelman down the sideline on a third and long I always like to tune in on those plays to see how a quarterback handles it and sure enough. He stepped up He made a perfect draw against man coverage, to the one spot It could be Edelman made a great catch, but uh move the chains and convert it to the third down what a throw by number 12 If you don’t create pressure, and you don’t hit brady everybody knows what that man is Gonna do you gotta hold him looking like you know he’s Offensive player of the year nobody even knew who hogan was you know coming out You know what i’m saying so that just shows you how player that. He is to be able to make his teammates great Yet again, Brady finds Chris hogan I think he’ll do it for at least five more years He’s the best ever I hate to say it, I’m a Peyton Manning fan, but I’m a realist and Tom Brady is the guy You’re the greatest bro Should he be considered the greatest ever? 100% yeah, I mean You know you’ve always got two sides to arguments usually when people are talking about greatness is like well how how good are you? What are your stats, you know? what do you look like on us on the field and then there’s the people who always want to validate it by wins and Championships well he’s got both And they’re I don’t I don’t think how you can argue who you can compare it to To say that you’re not the best of all time

100 thoughts on “#1: Tom Brady (QB, Patriots) | Top 100 Players of 2017 | NFL

  1. Hehe hey guys wanna know how to get insulted

    *Brady deflated balls *OVERATED *Bandwagon's Horse

    I'll be waiting

  2. No matter what you say about Brady he's the best ever. May have lost Super Bowl 52 but he's still the best

  3. I wanna talk about the GOAT, the best quarterback of all time in my opinion, one of the best nfl players of all time, Tom Brady. He is a beast, he isn’t human. Has a great arm and never gives up. When he was done big in Super Bowl 51, and the first two super bowl he played in, he had drives that help them win the first 2 super bowl of Brady career. He is amazing and enjoy watching him cause he is a legend and you have to respect what he has done in this league.

  4. Whether you like him or not, tom Brady will always deserve a certain level of respect, you can argue he’s not the goat, but you can’t deny his greatness

  5. He is greatest of modern NFL champion QBs but he has yet to reach the brilliance and consistency of Otto Graham and his 10 straight title game appearances winning 7of those championships mind you. Tom is right there and may surpass him after all he has 5 rings in 7 appearances?

  6. Here's what I always say: Rodgers was better from 2009-2014, but Brady's better overall. 2015 onwards Brady's been in a class of his own.

  7. I'm glad Eagles got a ring. Especially Jenkins. He's a great player! Coming from a Patriots fan. But lace up, we coming back!

  8. Bill had 5 losing seasons prior to Brady taking over as QB. 5. Losing seasons. 5. As a head coach. So.. you're telling me it's mostly Bill? Hmm. As soon as he get's Brady.. Bill takes it to another level.. and you say it's Brady who has Bill? Nah man. Bill has Brady. How many Super bowls does Bill have as a head coach without Brady? I'll wait. People forget. Bill was a head coach for close to 10 years BEFORE Brady. What did he do? NOTHING.

  9. Thanks for beak it down for harder that it is to admit he’s the greatest of all time from a Carolina phanters fan .

  10. My favorite QB of all time. My Jaguars taking over the league this year kinda like how the warriors have of the nba. We coming Brady!!!DUUUVAAAL

  11. Yes Brady is the most achievable QB ever but this about one singular season, not the careers of players so I’ll put Brady lower but definitely top 5. I would of put Aaron Donald, Antonio Brown, and Todd gurley higher.

  12. Aaron Rodgers the most talented QB of all time.

    Tom Brady the most Achieved QB of all time.

    It’s just based on which u think matters more. Talent or achievement. In my opinion talent should determine GOAT but the NFL sees achievement

  13. Tom Brady threaded the tightest windows and played with no fear in O.T. He cut it loose!! That's why he's the goat…he says it and then he does it. Let's Go baby lol. What conviction, what leadership. Can't wait to see what Super Bowl XLIII has in store for him. It's about time someone tied Jim Kelly's record for consecutive appearances. If I was a betting man I'd go with The Tominator lol….I just made that up😂 hahaha

  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8k-r7D_fKcg



  16. The great thing about Brady & Patriots in the SuperBowl is that the game is usually a good one. Apart from the one against the Rams, I don't think the Pats have ever "comfortably" won the SB. They certainly don't make it easy for their opponents.

  17. Now let's make a new argument since brady has won his 6th ring if he win a 7th should we crown him greatest athlete of all time or greatest nfl player of all time ?

  18. Damn that was some BIG foreshadowing having Malcolm Jenkins on the Eagles give the last statement on Brady considering what would happen in the SB the following year.

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