Yo what’s up everybody it’s JesserTheLazer And today I’m joined with Kristopher London Whoo, welcome bro, how you doing? Where’d you come from, thin air? You know me You just appear? I just float We are doing the one million vc pack As you can see, I’ve got one million vc Dude, what is this game mode? This is something called MyTeam It’s pretty sick Maybe you should try it after this You are gonna be creating the one million vc pack The way you’re gonna be doing this You’re gonna open a million worth of these high scorer boxes And he’s gonna put all of the best pulls, like all the diamonds, amethysts Into my auction house Basically, that will be the one million pack All the good stuff in my auction house And I’m not gonna be looking while he opens them and I’ll see at the end What the one million vc pack get’s us So Kris (Weird noise) Alright here we go Alright (Weird noise) (Another weird noise) What is that?! (Another weird noise) (Weird noise) What?! Ahhhh… Every pack (weird noise) Let’s talk about your good friend Ronnie2k Ronnie2k… Ronnie2k, man I met him not too long ago, we had a good talk Had a good talk Ronnie is an interesting man Interesting man He’s a very interesting man I mean, he likes to par-tay You know, word on the street I heard he actually got kicked out of a party For, you know, partying too hard Uhh, I wouldn’t doubt it You kn… Ohh (screaming) Are you faking? (More screaming) Who is it? What is it? No, I don’t know No nothing? False alarm? False alarm False alarm False alarm What’s Ronnie the type of guy to do what? I think people should comment down below Yeah, Ronnie the type of guy… Ronnie the type of guy to charge $200 for a gold legend edition FAX! Dude, did you see one of the things that came with it? F***ing Shaq Attack shoes? No, even worse Virtual championship ring Who the f*** cares about a virtual championship ring?! Yeah it would’ve been cool to have like a plastic championshi… Ohh (excitement) Oh it didn’t turn out well? Dude, what are these noises?! (Laughing) I don’t know what I’m getting, it’s frustrating me! No, but honestly who is going to notice a gold championship ring on the finger of your MyPlayer?! Time to get my pack god juice (Weird noises) What is that?! (More noises) I’m just waiting here! Is that AI? Oh, no that definitely sounds like a Pete Maravich Alright this topper’s coming The topper’s coming, dude I pulled seven of my diamonds off toppers out of 10 Right here Ohh (weird noises) Don’t touch my nipple I’m sensitive, you know that You know I have sensitive nipples (Weird screaming) Alright, well it sounds like I’ve gotten some heat Can you just screenshot this Another ruby I just wanna pull a diamond Who can relate? Leave a like if you can relate You don’t understand how difficult it is living next to a snake Who’s this snake we speak of? TD’s the snek S N E K Snek Sneaaak Sneaaaaak Sneaaaaaaaaak Free my n***a Venisquel His name is actually Finessequel Because he’s finessing so much TD’s out of town and Venisquel’s finessed his way onto TD’s bed And he’s just been living there Did you just say the n word? No I said Vinesquel Sounded like you said Ven***asqel (Screaming) What is that even?! Who reacts to a pack like that?! Just wanna die today Who can relate? I just wanna pull a diiiamondaaiiee Yeah, yeah, yeah samurai pack Samurai pack It’s samurai pack Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh my God, ok, it actually is turning up It’s turning up Samurai pack Samurai pack You gotta go like this (weird noise) (Samurai noises) Ahh, that was trash, alright no more samurai pack Give me the juice Let the juices flow You know, we’re both pack gods Hold on to me (Screaming) I transferred my energy to you Oh my God Yes! You pulled AI Dirk too? With a side of Allen Iverson (Screaming) Dude, no Stop Alright, this the last one Dude, stop it This the last one This the last one Stop it! Your bulls**t so hard! Don’t, don’t, don’t look Yeah let me look at this f***ing bronze player I don’t wanna die today It’s leet! Oh my God I’m nervous 3 2 1 OHHHHHH!!! FOUR DIAMONDS!!! HOLY S**T KRIS You know, I’m no too bad Dirk, Ray Allen You should see the ??? though, I mean like Holy s**t, I got Ray Allen K those two sell These two ehh But I’m happy with a Dirk I like that, oh my God Yeeesss I’d rather buy a million vc pack and see this than having to go through it Thank you guys for watching How many likes for the two million pack? Well, you hit the 50k, so that’s Let’s go with uh 85,000 for 2 million Bruh, so many likes 85,000 I don’t think I’ve ever hit 85,000 likes Subscribe to join Bucketsquad today, let’s beat Kris to one mil, and peace What the f**k?! Just kidding, check out Kris his channel’s in the description You’re gonna put my gaming channel in there, aren’t you? This a gaming video Ok, I’m out I’ll put both, I swear!

100 thoughts on “1 MILLION VC SPECIAL PACK!! NBA 2K17

  1. Ronnie the type of guy to go to the club and go for the ugly friend instead of the prettier one 😂

  2. packs cost too much 🙁 how many parents out there have seen surpise items on their credit card bills? lel oh and i just noticed you hit 1 mil congrats jesser

  3. I just watched this video and I can't believe my boi Gavin Hall got a shout out by him

  4. Do a my team pack and play tournament. so the team you pull you play with for the whole tournament.
    like this:

    Kris vs cash
    Jezzer vs TD
    and losers get a forfeit

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