💩 Top 10 Worst Weirdest Fan Giveaways in Sports – EVER! 💩

💩 Top 10 Worst Weirdest Fan Giveaways in Sports – EVER! 💩

Ninh explains, The Worst Fan Giveaways in
Sports. Ah sports teams – they’ll do anything
to try and entice you into their stadiums, and that includes giving away free stuff.
Now, I like stuff, especially if it’s free. But some teams really shouldn’t bother because
they don’t get the concept of trying to make people actually come back to the stadium
to watch more games. These are some of the worst fan giveaways
you’ll ever see. Zim-bear – Tampa Bay Rays.
Imagine a teddy bear that had sexual relations with Don Zimmer, the stony faced manager of
the Tampa Bay Rays – and you get this, the ZimBear. This creepy monstrosity was an actual
giveaway in 2012, and you’d think that no-one would actually take one of these things home
because of the … you know … weirdness and all. But people actually liked the damn
thing and it was so successful, they repeated the same promotion a month later. Those people
in Tampa must really hate the crappy play on the field if they came back TWICE just
for a creepy little teddy bear. School folders, Toledo MudHens
Minor league baseball is jam packed full of stupid giveaways. And the Mudhens are no exception.
I have no idea why they decided to give away paper-based school folders. But you don’t
get just one school folder, no no no, you get three – which demonstrates the sheer
generosity (or stupidity) of the Mud Hens marketing department. Seriously guys, why? Circular Seat Cushions, Toronto FC
To celebrate the inaugural game of Toronto’s brand-new MLS team, each fan in attendance
was given a commemorative seat cushion. ‘That’s a pretty good gift’, I hear you say. But,
when Danny Dichio scores their first ever goal – those seat cushions became oversized
frisbees that littered the entire field. And it took forever for the ground staff to clear
them out of the way. Funnily enough, Toronto FC has never given away seat cushions ever
again. Similar incidences have happened to Florida
Panthers with plastic rats, and hockey hard hats from the Chicago Blackhawks. Good ideas
in theory, but … Wise men bobble heads – Nashville sounds
Bobble heads are a common giveaway and if it’s of a cool player, it’s actually kinda
collectable. But I think the promotional team at the Nashville Sounds have been smoking
the ganja, because they decided to make bobbleheads of the three wise men – even though nobody
knows what they actually look like – if they even existed at all. And to make matters
worse, they gave them away … in July. 5 months before Christmas. Toiletry bags – Chicago Cubs.
The Cubs really hit a low point in 2013 where their game night promotion was giving away
toiletry bags. Not those fancy ones that you buy in a shop of course, the ones that you
typically find at any international airport. That they give away. For free. To every passenger
that walks through it’s terminals. Well, at least you won the world series recently,
so you can use that to make people forget about your terrible promotions – I guess. Mike Trout Fish Hat – LA Angels.
Mike Trout has an interesting last name … I know, let’s cash in on it? Yes, the Angels
marketing department gave away hats in the shape of trouts and I don’t know who in
their right mind wore this outside of the stadium, but you can still find them on eBay
from time to time. Unfortunately, none of these sellers ship to England. Which is a
shame, because I was planning on wearing this at my upcoming wedding. 10 cent beer night. Cleveland Indians.
10c for a beer, that’s fantastic! And you could buy 6 at a time?! What’s the worst
that could happen? Apart from fans getting so drunk off cheap beer that they fought each
other, vomited everywhere, ran onto the field, stole the bases and rioted to the point where
the game was eventually abandoned, you mean? In hindsight, it was a complete disaster,
but hey at least the beer was cheap. A bag of shit – Seattle Mariners.
In 2011 – the Mariners were on some kind of green phase and their most notable contribution
to saving the environment? Giving away bags of soil for the first 5,000 fans to enter
Safeco Field. Yay, compost, that’ll make a great valentine’s day gift. Nothing says
I love you more than a literal bag of crap that you got from a ballpark. Bubble Wrap – Altoona Curve
The undisputed kings of giving away garbage gifts is the Altoona Curve Baseball team.
In fact, they actually do it on purpose. Some of their ‘wonderful’ giveaways include
useless squares of bubble wrap – which wasn’t big enough to protect anything you send in
the mail. And photographs of removed gallbladders. You know, just because every baseball fan
needs to see what a removed gall bladder looks like. How much do I not want to go to an Altoona
Curve game, right about now? Urine Cups – Vero Beach Devil Rays.
As part of an anti-doping promotion in 2008, the Vero Beach Devil Rays gave away 200 pee
cups to the first 200 fans in attendance. I’m not actually sure what the fans did
with those cups and I don’t know what’s actually worse. Giving away the urine cups
in the first place, implying that those first 200 fans are on steroids like McGwire, or
only being able to afford just 200 cups. A funeral – Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
In 2013, the IronPigs were having a ‘celebrate life’ promotion … and they commemorated
this by giving away a bloody funeral. Yes, one lucky fan walked away from the ballpark
with an all expenses paid trip to a hole in the ground or really hot oven of their choice.
It sounds kinda kooky, but I’d still take that over a bag of soil and a Mike Trout Fish
hat any day of the week. Have you been to a sports event and received
a really crap gift? Was it worse than any of these? As always, like, share and subscribe
and let us all know in the comments section below, so that we can have some of these “marketing
executives” fired for their gross ineptitude. Ninh Ly – @NinhLyUK – www.ninh.co.uk

77 thoughts on “💩 Top 10 Worst Weirdest Fan Giveaways in Sports – EVER! 💩

  1. Hi Ninh, I think what would be interesting is if you talk about disability sport. Maybe something like wheelchair rugby or wheelchair basketball and so on.

  2. Some of the images used for 10¢ Beer Night are actually from Disco Demolition Night, a 1979 Chicago White Sox promotion.

  3. The worst fan giveaway I received was at a 2004 Toronto Blue Jays game.
    They handed out these bright yellow seat cushions, but mine was so thin, it resembled a sheet of cardboard.
    Unsurprisingly, it did nothing to aid my tushy comfort, and it swiftly went into the bin after the game.

  4. Hey at least $0.10 Beer Night was the only time Cleveland Fans rioted over a sp…

    What's that about Bottlegate? Oh. Ok. You do you Cleveland.

  5. I had no idea they had such crappy giveaways. Had I known, I might have gone to a game or two instead of enjoying my hard earned cash by spending it on something useful. Perhaps like a dozen diapers for the local duck population or something.

    Love your stuff, Ninh.

  6. Worst one i receved was when my school gave out arsenal pencil cases for kids who had 97.5% attendance or higher(despite nearly all the kids where either Liverpool,Man City,Tottenham and man utd fans) and yes my school is near the Emirates so it kinda makes sense.

  7. I would have thought that DISCO DEMOLITION NIGHT for the Chicago White Sox in 1979 would have been mentioned.

    98¢ admission if you brought a disco record to destroy, and it lead to a riot.

    The best story I heard about that night was one of the people who stormed the field was a young MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN.

  8. I hate to disagree, but the Nashville Sounds' giveaway was NOT the 3 wise men! They were Moses with the stones of the 10 Commandments, Noah with the dove bearing an olive branch, and Daniel who got out from the lions' den unharmed. Those artifacts/animals hardly resemble myrh, incense and gold…

  9. You forgot Ed Snider Wristbands from the Philadelphia Flyers. The fans threw them onto the ice when they got mad at the game 3 performance in 2016.

  10. It's certainly not as bad as any of these but I got a Chuck Person bobblehead at a Pacers game… aside from the complexion it looked nothing like him.

  11. 2:25 Actually, that's illegal in Tennessee. Nashville is really that stupid. You know what, the entire state of Tennessee is stupid. Ugh I hate Tennessee sometimes. (Lived here for almost 20 years. State doesn't even have a north.)

    Also, you know the movie, "The Screaming Skull"? Where the movie opens up with the promise that the movie is "So Scary" that people may die of fright watching it? And that they'll provide free burial services for the deceased? Because that last promotion reminds me of that movie. BTW, That movie got on MST3K, so let that be an indication of how scary it actually was.

  12. Honourable mention goes to the time the Barrie Colts gave away boxes of mac and cheese as noise makers for Game 1 of the 2010 OHL Finals. Similar to the TFC seat cushion ordeal, Barrie lost the game in overtime and the fans started throwing their mac and cheese on the ice. (S/O to Steve Dangle for that story)

  13. The best fan giveaway in sports? The knowledge you give us on everything from the most popular sports to sports we've never even heard of!

  14. I went to the Giants v Cowboy game and got a free towel because the people up top started giving up on the Giants

  15. Glad I didn't see any Reno Aces on here. I've been to many games here in Reno and I always have a good time. I normally don't care about the giveaway promotions but I got a deck of playing cards as a giveaway once.

  16. Before clicking on the video, “please don’t let me see the angels on here. Please don’t let me see the angels. 3:23 🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. In addition, NEVER do giveaways at Philadelphia sports events. I don't have to bring up the wristband fiasco again unless I wanna get socked by triggered Flyers fans.

    Long story short: the wristbands were originally gifted to commemorate the late Ed Snider, longtime owner of the team, and it was a touching display at first. However, when the Capitals started running away with the lead, disgruntled Flyers fans then threw the same wristbands onto the ice. Lowlights included Caps defenseman Dmitry Orlov being cut on the nose from a stray wristband, a delay of game penalty imposed on the Flyers team cause fans refuse to stop, and the PA guy going "way to go" after announcing said penalty. If you are wondering: the Flyers still lost that game anyway.

  18. There's a great video about 10 cent beer night on the weird history channel, I would check it out if you want a more in depth look at the night

  19. The Florida (now Miami) Marlins had a vuvuzela night once, and just like the 2010 World Cup , my ears are still ringing from those fucking things. (and this is coming from a Marlins fan), oh and we once paid for a fan's Bar Mitzvah (hey, South Florida has a large Jewish community)

    Also, the Iowa Cubs gave away a Bobblehead of a "Player to be named later".

    Also, as a Florida Panthers fan: There's a reason why we throw rats on the ice

  20. Hi Ninh….I decided to attend a Calgary Cannons minor league baseball game at the last minute during their first season back in 1985. Unbeknownst to me upon my arrival to the stadium it was "Hawaiian Night". Anyone wearing anything "Hawaiian" received a coupon for a free "Spaghetti" dinner at a local "Italian" restaurant. After entering the stadium a person handing out these coupons had a look at what I was wearing. He looked at my t-shirt and pronounced it to be "close" enough to look "Hawaiian". I found this to be a bit of a shocker as this t-shirt was of an argyle design from the St. Mirren football club from Scotland. A relative had just returned from there on holiday! Take me at my word on this Ninh! Thanks from John in Calgary Alberta Canada.

  21. I actually like the idea of the school folders – supporting students and all that. I would hope that there was at least a team logo on them though.

  22. Minor league baseball team's giveaways are like Alberta small towns trying to be famous for things like 'world's largest Kielbasa sausage'

  23. The San Diego Padres have giveaways every Saturday home game. They actually give out useful items like caps, tote bags, and jerseys.

  24. Dude, there all garbage… I’ll stick with Japanese, South Korean and Australian baseball. 🇯🇵 🇰🇷 🇦🇺 ⚾️

  25. 10 cent for a beer then that means the people will buy plenty of beer many as they want, I never received not one worst fan giveaway in my entire life probably I got lucky, and that teddy bear of the baseball manager's face IDK I feel like I crap myself it's just gave me creepy feeling.

  26. Do a video explaining how Spanish footballs prom/relegation works thru league's proper head burst also there's an ice hockey League we something like 23 teams from 9 countries! From China to Slovakia I think? Also could you explain NFL draft surely it's not as mad as it seems.

  27. Could a video on unusual stadium foods and drinks?

    The Texas Rangers (MLB) introduces deep fried cookies and Twinkies a few years ago for example.

  28. I went to the 1998 Philadelphia Phillies home opener and it was "magnet schedule" night. They won in extra innings but were down by 6 halfway through. I'm pretty sure my dad, my brothers, and I were the only ones who left the stadium with our magnets. Two separate stoppages to clean them up.

  29. Mate. Infrequent uploads really hurt your channel. You should've had a million subs by now. I know it's hard but if you upload a video say every week or every two weeks but with same frequency between videos it will help your channel so much. Just an idea mate. Your editing is perfect.

  30. First aid kit Utica Comets actually not too bad because good to keep in my soccer bag for small cuts but would rather get a bobble head or a shirt they gave out before

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