👊  ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Plays ‘Know Your Chris’ 😂  | MTV News

👊 ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Plays ‘Know Your Chris’ 😂 | MTV News

– Let’s see how well
you know your ‘Chris’es. – Okay.
– Okay. – Which Chris did this, okay? – We’ve got some propage for you. Raise the appropriate Chris. – Oh, Fun game. (Letitia laughs) – Props are always good. – Clearly the one that
didn’t get all the nutrients. (Josh, Zoe, and Chris laugh) – Oh my God, they all look exactly alike. – They could so be brothers.
– Seriously. – People, surely, on the internet have Photoshopped these faces together. (upbeat electronic music) – Which Chris was voted People
Magazine’s sexiest man alive? – Only one of them has won? – [Leticia] I think it’s this one. (bell dings)
– Yeah. Yeah. – My brother from another mother. – It’s not this guy? (buzzer buzzes) – Not yet.
– Wow, weird. – Controversial.
– It’s this one. – Well, yeah, of course. – Which Chris loves taxidermy? (buzzer buzzes) (buzzer buzzes)
– Nein! – What’s that? – They stuff the animals, right? – He looks like someone that
would do that. (bell dings) – Does he? (men laugh and yell) – Boy, boy, boy! I know my weird people. – Which Chris was voted Most
Theatrical in high school? – Theatrical? This one. (bell dings) (laughs) (bell dings) – Evans! (bell dings) – I mean… – Definitely.
– Darling. (bell dings) (bell dings) (bell dings) (bell dings) – Why does everybody know this, like– – Because, something about those tap shoes that lately’ve come out. – Yeah.
– He can tapdance. – He does West Side Story all the time. ♪ Who knows ♪ Yeah, we’re like, we
know, stop. (group laughs) – Which Chris knows conversational German? – Conversational German?
– Sorry? – I’m gonna go with. (buzzer buzzes) (buzzer buzzes) – Yeah, why am I? He’s Australian. (Letitia laughs) – [Josh] They’re allowed
to know German, too. – Evans, Evans. (buzzer buzzes) – Oh! – Ah, (laughs) I think. (bell dings) – I’ma go with this dude. (bell dings) – You know conversations? (Chris speaks German) (Zoe laughs) – Conversational German? – Yeah.
– That’s pretty good, man. Thanks. I’m awesome. – Which Chris competed on
Dancing with the Stars? – What? – Uh… – Um… – No, none of them. (buzzer buzzes) – [Tom Hiddleston] I’m
forgettable. (bell dings) (Josh laughs) – [Tom Holland] Oh, Hemsworth did. Hemsworth did, and it’s amazing. – No way. – Did he really?
– Yeah. – Come on, did he win? – I don’t think so. (Chris laughs) (Letitia sings happily) – No he didn’t.
– I swear. – How recently? – Before this all, before the Thor fun. – Oh my God.
– Go get to Youtube. – I have chills.
– Yeah. Which Chris won the fantasy
football league recently? – Okay. (group laughs) – You mean the American football? – It’s definitely not this one. – They play in the same league. And they talk about it
all the time on set. And I know when they bring up football, I’m just like, I can’t be
bothered with the conversation. I don’t know. I think, actually, Evans won. (bell dings) – They talk trash about it
incessantly, never let it go. – Which one? Evans?
– Evans. – Boston in the house! – It was this one. (Josh and Zoe laugh) – He talks about it all the time. – Which Chris is the tallest? (Chris groans) (bell dings) (bell dings) – It’s close, it’s very close. – It’s not that close. – Which Chris is taller? – Oh (bleep). – You don’t measure them every day on set? You don’t– (bell dings) – Not by much. – No, no. – Not our Hemsworth, I think
it’s Hemsworth. (bell dings) – I don’t know, I’m gonna go for Pratt. (buzzer buzzes) – Trust the other one. – Oh. (Josh laughs) He’s got smarter eyes than me, I’m old. – Do you know which Chris is taller? – Yes. (bell dings) – This one, this one, easy. (bell dings) – He’s the tallest Chris (bell
dings) in the world. (laughs) – Not Hemsworth. (bell dings) – Oh yeah, maybe you’re right. – [Josh] Yeah, it’s Hemsworth by an inch. – He’s like 7’1″. – Is this in height order? – Yes. (laughs) You don’t get bonus points. Oh yeah, exactly. – There you go. – Who’s the most charming Chris? – That’s just too easy, I’m
gonna add myself to the Chris. (Josh laughs) – What’s that mythical beast
with three Chris heads? (hums) – I’ma go with him. (Josh laughs) – [Josh] She’s so happy about it, too. – ‘Cause he’s my soul brother. – Why won’t you hold yourself, man? Come on. – ‘Cause he’s humble.
– I’m sorry, I was… (Josh laughs) I was lost for a moment. – [Josh] No, I get it. (upbeat electronic music)

100 thoughts on “👊 ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Plays ‘Know Your Chris’ 😂 | MTV News

  1. Interviewer: Which Chris was voted People’s Magazines “sexiest man alive”?
    Elizabeth Olsen: Wait, only one of them has won?

    She’s so sweet omg 💖💖💖

  2. 1:56
    Elizabeth and the interviewer talking
    Meanwhile Letitia: Tutututututututututututututututu tututu

  3. Did anyone realise that Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston had the same name tag because of the same initials?

  4. Interviewer:which chris is tallest?
    Chris pratt: ughhhh
    Interviewer: its close
    Chris pratt: not really.
    Me: welcome to my life

  5. They should do a Which Brit between tom holland tom hiddleston and benedict cumberbatch.
    i would like that on every account possible

  6. Which Chris is the tallest?
    Chris Pratt: holds up hemys face EUUUUGHHHHH 2:34
    interviewer: it’s close! It’s close
    Chris: whispers it’s not even close

  7. I am not implying anything but did Seb guess every bit about Chris (Evans) right?

    Sure seems to know him well, no hesitation about it either. With that little smile on his face. 😀

  8. I just noticed, Dave has Don's name tag, Don's has Pom's & Pom's has Dave's, did they do that on purpose or they were just high in walkman?
    Also I like that the guardians of the galaxy know everything about Pratt

  9. In mcu names r so confusing…3 chrish es…Spiderman and loki have the same name..blackwidows real name is scarlet and..wandas char name is scarlet

  10. Amazing how Tom Hollands name thing says "Tom H.", but it's completely unnecessary bc of Tom Hiddleston😂

  11. Sebastian is a lier! He said in some interview that Chris Evans is the most charming guy who he ever know! #Evanstan

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