⚽Sport 365 Live en tu Kodi

⚽Sport 365 Live en tu Kodi

Hello again Infonauta, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … this time I bring you a sports accessory for your kodi with which you can watch any sporting event … interesting right? We begin … Well … this is the add-on in question … as you see it is to watch live sports … let’s access how you see does not have any kind of adjustments … Let’s see first what it offers us … allows us to enter here … We wait for the content to load and how do you see we have 26 contents right now live available … remember that with this add-on we will see everything that is available At that time, everything that is being broadcast live and really the quality it offers is very good this piece is highly recommended As you see, everything that appears right now live on retransmission Anyway … if you’re interested stay to see how to add it to your kodi … to add the source what we are going to do is come from the main screen to the gear … we enter the file explorer … and click on add source … then click on none … and here we put the address that I leave in the description of this video … then click on ok … I’m going to leave this name, if you do not like what you change and at the end we click again on ok … let’s go back … now let’s go into addons … and in the box in the upper left corner to then click on install from a zip file … we entered the source that we just added … we enter the folder or in the Plugin directory and once here what we are going to do is identify this piece which is called Sport 365 Live … click on it and we wait patiently to tell us that we have installed correctly in our kodi multimedia center Remember to be patient in this step … Here we have it already installed Sport 365 we already have it available so that we can go backwards … … Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks … thanks for subscribing and for giving the notification bell … thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … See you in a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … see you soon Infonaut

19 thoughts on “⚽Sport 365 Live en tu Kodi

  1. Hola buenas, sabes si hay algún problema con sport365, no me funciona, un saludo y gracias por tu trabajo

  2. ya no se ve,segun la web dice que a caducado el dominio aunque con un vpn se ve pero he encontrado la direccion nueva es esta: http://www.s365.live/es/home y tambien http://www.sport247.live/es/home por eso el addon ya no funciona,saludos

  3. Y no hay ningún sitio más para ver la liga 123 ?te agradecería mucho si alguno funciona.aqui veía yo todos los partidos una pena.

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