เซอร์ไพรส์ทีมงาน!! เปลี่ยนสตูเป็น E-SPORTS – Bie The Ska

เซอร์ไพรส์ทีมงาน!! เปลี่ยนสตูเป็น E-SPORTS – Bie The Ska

Aww! A truckload of them! Brace yourself for a major change of The Ska studio Hey Hey What’s this? Right now I must tell you.
I just got sponsored by Redragon. And I received 20 eSports chairs which are limited edition with
“The Ska” logo embroidered on each of them. I consider it a good luck Aside from chairs, we also received 15 keyboards. So I got an idea to surprise The Ska crew by changing this studio, this office, which is so untidy and too normal, into an eSports arena. And I’ll surprise my crew
with these keyboards and chairs. I wanna know as well how the crew
will feel when they see the new studio. But I gotta have my assistants Man, Game, Dean I just received new keyboards and chairs for gamers. I want to rearrange this room into an eSports arena. Please tidy up for the surprise. So when they come here tomorrow, they’ll see and be amazed like
“Hey! What’s this?! The studio has changed!” Something like that. Okay? Please do that for me. Go extra, ok? Just us three? Just three… Go extra, ok? just three… Yeah, just you three. And the desks are… Okay So we’ll install some lights and like… Oh! So there’ll be some lights? So the lighting will be… Oh! Like this? With LED lights? But these are not from Redragon. We’ll change to Redgragon ones though. We’ll just dump this one? Yeah! Trash them! We have new ones now. And burn these chairs! We’ll use our new chairs The Ska X Redragon chairs Ok? You can do this! The Ska Studio renovation begins!! Starting from tidying up the desks The next morning Today Ah, why’s Forst here? Dean’s at home. So all work and no surprise for me 🙁 I will install a row of lights under the desks. We’ll set up everything before
the package arrives tomorrow. Let’s do this. The morning the chairs arrive Now, Redragon is here. There! A truckload of them! Come on in. I’m excited myself. I don’t know how the crew will react, or how excited they’ll be. But I am excited. Ok Let me see. Wow! So dope! These tiny foam balls! Not those! The chairs! Wow, it’s embroidered Ooh It’s hella dope. Real extra So cool. What about this box? The keyboards Oh, the keyboards I’m not gonna let you guys see these for now. We’ll unbox this one together. Come on in, come on in. I’m ready, you? Yeah All night. We’ll be rearranging
the studio all day and all night. Game played games all night too. What? I helped… I helped… You’re slacking off again, Game. I helped… It’s heavy. Man, is it heavy? No, no You carry that, ok? You hit his face! Sorry ‘_’;; When we’ve done with the boxes Soooo cool! Seriously, it’s so extra. I mean the embroidery. Look here, “The Ska Film” They made it so nicely. The embroidered logo is so pretty. That’s the back. Let’s look at the front. Is this thing on sale? Absolutely not. Honestly, I’ve seen chairs like this when they want it to have a logo,
they’ll put on a chair cover with logo But this chair is embroidered. This is an adjustable pillow. This is as well. You can adjust where you want it to be. While the assistants were arranging the chairs, Bie did a random unboxing video. This is a random box. Will it be worth it? Worth it or not, I’ve got the keyboards. So it’s definitely worth it. These are for my crew. Redragon sent us this box. Let’s see! Wowww There’s only one? Nah, there are many. It’s handy. 15 of them are in here. Do you wanna unbox this? Let’s unbox one. Look, here it is. So many gadgets inside A USB cable It has LED lights, right? Teh? You can even change the colors, I guess. What’s this for? To pinch that off. Oh, to pinch the button. And these ones are custom keycaps to decorate the keyboard. Ah! They are. I’ll match each of these for each keyboard. Oof Listen to that. It sounds so heavenly. You can play with this ring on. Finally, The Ska Arena is completed. And now we’ve set up the lights we’ll watch each of our crew’s reaction when they see the studio which
has turned into an eSports arena. How will they react? We’ve got new chairs, lights, and keyboards. Just be patient. It’s almost working hour. 5 minutes later Why didn’t they turn on the lights? Ooh Is this an office or a gaming cafe? 10 baht an hour, bro. Pay now. You charge me? Yeah Oho Superb But we have to work in the dark like this? Yep For the vibes, you know? The chair is comfy. So avant-garde. !!? What’s all this? – Ping, hello
– Hello What’s this? Are we gamers? 10 baht an hour 5 baht please. Let’s meet half way. Ooh! A new chair and a keyboard with LED lights Are you amazed? I’ll be more productive ’cause my gadgets are cool. Quit joking, Noom! Wow! Damnnn – Pond, hello
– Hello This is a gaming cafe. What’s this? What are you doing? Calm down, Aom But what’s all this? Hey, nice lighting Nice for a nap Aom look! It’s embroidered “The Ska” You can’t get a backache in a chair like this. It’s designed for those who have to sit for long. All day long You mean work? Sleep! Hey! Damn Why does it has LED lights? Wait, those keyboards tho Does my desk have a chair like this? Woah! The chair! Whose chair is this? Do I get one like this too? Ooh! The keyboard

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